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Aertex Fabric

What is Aertex Fabric? 

  •  Aertex is a thin, woven ,light weight, breathable fabric.
  •  It is full of tiny holes which allows air to pass through easily.
  • It keeps the body cool in summer and warm in winter.
  •  Two threads or ends act as one thread; when a weft thread passes between them, the doup ends twist catching the weft and holding it tightly in place.
  • Very fancy and beautiful clothes can be produced by combining the cross weaving with other weave structures.


  • Aertex company is founded by a famous politician and an affluent mill owner, Lewis Haslam, in 1888.
  • He and his colleagues experimented on a cloth that trapped air between the warp and weft of the fabric. This aeration proved to be successful and resulted in the making of Aertex Fabric.
  • By the 20th century, an Aertex garment had made its way through every American man’s wardrobe and had become increasingly popular. 

What Makes it Stand Out 

  • Ease in movement.
  • Provides physical relaxation.
  • Great comfort in respect to fit.
  • Aertex fabric’s threads and fibers are woven in a distinct way that allows the fabric to trap air.
Texture Soft , mesh like 
Fall Drapable 
Shine  Dull
Sheer See through

 Turquoise Color Aertex Fabric

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Application and Uses

  • Swimming costumes , sports & gym clothes.
  • Used for curtains too .
Apparel Yes
Home Furnishing Yes
Accessories -
Aertex sports wear

Care Instructions 

  • It can withstand high temperatures and strenuous work, but make sure you wash it thoroughly.
  • It is ideal not to hang dry this fabric.
  • Regular iron

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