Canvas Fabric

Canvas Fabric

What is Canvas? 

Canvas is made of cotton and it is  a plain woven fabric. It is sturdy and durable fabric. When cotton is blended with poly it becomes water resistant fabric. It is suitable for long term storage and uses.

Mostly canvas is made with  two-ply yarns, or two single yarns twisted together to add weight, texture, and creates an even thickness to the fabric.


  • Canvas name is derived from the Latin word “cannabis” which means “made of hemp" which was used that time.

  • Than became good choice for architectural, industrial and marine applications.

  • In 8th century Saracens and Moors brought cotton from North Africa to Europe.

  • In Barcelona and Venice, cotton was made into canvas for the sails of ships. 

What Makes it Stand Out

Known for its versatility and strength.

texture  Rough
Fall Stiff
Shine No
Sheer No

Application & Usage 

  • Popularly used for tents and other camping supplies.
  • Used in accessories like bags, tote bags and backpacks.
  • Used in footwears.
  • Used for industrial, construction and military use.
  • Used for clothing like Jackets and outdoor wear are often made from canvas.
  • Used for upholster furniture due to its strength.

Clothing  Yes
Home Furnishing Yes
Accessories  yes

Care Instructions of Canvas 

  • Wash canvas fabric with hot water with signature detergent for deep cleaning.

  • Line -dried the canvas fabric to maintain shape.

  • Remove wrinkles by ironing at high temp.

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