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What is Chambray ? 

  • Chambray is a type of natural fabric that is made from either linen or cotton.
  • This type of fabric has been made for hundreds of years, and variants of chambray fabric are called cambric or batiste.
  • This type of fabric is both fine and dense, and it is similar to denim in many ways. However, a different weaving pattern is used to make chambray, and as a result, this type of fabric is significantly lighter and more breathable than denim.
  • It has a signature pattern that gives it an almost heathered appearance. This comes from a colored warp (usually blue) and a white weft in a 1×1 plain weave. The white threads running over the colored threads give the fabric a certain depth, all while maintaining a lighter weight . 

Chambray fabric

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  • Chambray’s history begins in the mid-1500s, as it originally found roots in the cambric fabric.
  • Cambric is a lightweight plain weave fabric, at the time made of linen.
  • The cloth was originally made in Cambrai, a formerly-Flemish region in northern France.
  • A high-quality cloth, cambric was often used for shirting, handkerchiefs, and for intricate pieces like lace and needlework. Chambray stemmed off from this plain weave fabric, and the English spelling of the term first became widely known in the early 1800’s.
  • It was formally endorsed in places like the 1831 US Farmer’s Bulletin.
  • The fabric made its way into widespread American use in 1901, when the U.S. Navy first authorized the use of denim and chambray.
  • From then on through World War II, it was commonplace to see sailors wearing chambray shirts and denim trousers.
  • Workers all over the U.S. quickly adopted the shirting fabric, giving birth to the widespread term “blue collar.”

What Makes it Stand Out 

  • Comfort
  • Durable
  • Very breathable
  • High moisture-wicking abilities
  • Low stretchability
  • Less prone to pilling
Texture   Smooth and soft texture
Fall  Good drape
Shine  Dull



Applications & Usage 

  • Used in light summer wears such as shorts, skirts, tops and dresses .
  • Some other uses for chambray fabric include quilting or bedding, and even other home furnishing items such as curtains, pillow cases, tablecloths, placemats and upholstery.
Apparel   Yes
Home Decor   Yes


Chambray knee length dress

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Chambray cushion / pillow covers

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Care Instructions 

  • Machine washable.
  • To avoid shrinkage , wash with cold water .
  • Tumble dry on low setting.
  • Need to iron regularly , as it tends to wrinkle easily .
  • Iron on cotton setting mode .

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