Chiffon Fabric

Chiffon Fabric

What is Chiffon? 

Chiffon is a simple weave light weight trancey fabric made up of silk. Weaving used to make chiffon fabric is called the alternate S-and Z-twist which results in greater elasticity, produces more textured appearance and gives a rough feel.

Now variety of different synthetic materials are used like polyester, rayon, and silk. Certification available for chiffon fabric are USDA ORGANIC which is used to certified that chiffon is made of cotton or silk and Global Recycle Standards is used to certify that only recycled synthetic material is used.

Types of Chiffon fabric are :

1. Silk crepe chiffon fabric
2. Silk satin chiffon fabric
3. Pearl chiffon fabric
4. Jacquard chiffon fabric
5. Chameleon chiffon fabric.


  • Originated from French word chiffe means cloth and rag. firstly silk chiffon is manufactured which is expensive due to silk and afford by higher class.
  • In 1938, a nylon chiffon  was invented.
  • In 1958 with the creation of polyester chiffon, which became immensely popular due to its resilience and low cost.
  • Fabric became became more accessible and therefore more popular for common use.

What Makes it Stand out?

Chiffon is known as delicate fabric. smoothness of silk chiffon is a bit slippery and a bit difficult to manage for the one who wears it.

Texture Rough
Fall Flowy drape
Shine Lustrous fabric
Sheer Transparent

Application & Usage

  • Chiffon is delicate fabric not used in daily garments Instead of it is used in evening wear, wedding dresses, and high fashion dresses meant to used in special occasion and go with opaque  apparels to impart a textured or delicate appearance.
  • Transparent nature of chiffon makes it popular for use in undergarments and lingerie.
  • Sheer curtains are made up of chiffon fabric.
  • Popularly used in traditional wear like saree & duppatas.
Clothing Yes
Home Furnishing Yes
Accessories Yes

How to Judge the Authenticity of Chiffon

  • Check by the use of  a magnifying glass, the structure looks like a fine net or mesh.
  • Feel the slight puckers in chiffon due to the alternating s-twist and z-twist yarns.
  • Check the stretch, strength & shimmery texture of the chiffon fabric.

Care Instructions of Chiffon

  • Silk chiffon is  dry cleaned.
  • Polyester & nylon chiffon can be hand wash or machine wash.          
  • Wash with cold water do not leave fabric in water for long because dry will start fade.
  • Use gentle detergent.
  •  Avoid direct sunlight.

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