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What is Dimity ?

  • Dimity Fabric is a lightweight fabric which is usually made from cotton.
  • It is woven in a way that creates fine, raised stripes or checks.
  • Dimity Fabric is typically left un-dyed or plain white in colour, although it can be patterned .
  • Is very hardwearing and does not yellow easily like many other fabrics.
  • With a raised pattern on one side of the fabric, the weave has a symmetry that gives it visual interest, even if the material is not dyed, appliquéd or patterned with needlework.

Floral printed Dimity fabric

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  • Originally Dimity was made of silk or wool but since the 18th century it has been woven almost exclusively of cotton.

What Makes it Stand Out 

  • Very hardwearing and does not yellow easily .
  • Dimity takes dye really well and can be dyed various colours, yet the patterns created by the construction of the weave are usually thought of as being decorative enough . 
Texture Light weight and ribbed texture due to the raised pattern
Fall Good drape 
Shine Dull 
Sheer Translucent 


Applications & Usage 

  • It is generally used for dresses, blouses and nightwear.It is used extensively in upholstery , interior fabrics , home textiles like curtains and bedspreads .
Apparel   Yes
Home Decor   Yes
Accessories    -
Printed Dimity dress

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Care Instructions 

  • Machine washable on gentle cycle in warm water .
  • Donot wriggle 
  • Air dry 
  • Iron using medium heat on cotton setting mode .

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