Double Cloth Fabric

Double Cloth Fabric

What is Double Cloth? 

Double cloth fabric is manufactured by adding two or more number of warp and weft are interconnected to form 2 layered cloth. When 2 or more warp and weft are interlaced to form geometric patters are also known as double cloth fabric. This fabric has 2 right faced fabric.

Types of double cloth:

Self stitched double cloth:
  1. Face to back stitch 
  2. Back to face stitched
  3. Combination stitched
  4. Center stitched double cloth
  5. Thread interchanging double cloth
  6. Layer interchanging double cloth
  7. Ply interchanging double cloth


In the 19th century America was made by professional weavers from wool that was spun. 

What Makes it Stand Out

Double cloth  is different from Double-cloth fabrics are made of two fabrics threaded or fused together to form a thicker and more substantial fabric. You can actually take the fabric edge and peel apart the two fabrics.

Texture   Textured surface
Fall Crisp drape 
Shine No 
Sheer Opaque

Application & Usage 

Used to make  coats, blankets, furnishing fabrics, brocades and reversible clothing.

Clothing   Yes
Home Furnishing  Yes
Accessories  No

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