Flannel Fabric

Flannel Fabric

What is Flannel? 

Flannel is a cozy and comfortable fabric perfect for winters. It is a medium weight cotton fabric has fuzzy finish on one or both sides of the fabric this finish comes from brushing or loosely spun weave. It is often woven with patterns.


  • Flannel first introduced in the 17th century, created by the Welsh as a replacement to their plain wool garb.

  • It is made out of worsted yarn, napped on one or both sides, the fabric provided much better protection against the Welsh’s notoriously wet and windy winters; French called it flanelle, the Germans, Flanell.

  • By 19th century flannel becomes famous England & France due to its affordability, durability,  utilized by mills all over Britain during the Industrial Revolution.

  • In late 19 flannel utilized during civil war as rough and cheap material for soldiers. 

  • At 20th century flannel became symbol for rugged men. The fabric once again was called upon by the military during WWI, used to make undershirts, belts and sewn-on patches.

  • Now, flannel is a widely worn and versatile fabric, common for grunge, outdoors, and fall/winter apparel. Plaid flannel has also transitioned to high fashion.

What Makes it Stand Out

As flannel fabric gets older it becomes more softer and its a low maintenance fabric.

Texture Brushed and napped 
Fall Drapable not very flowy
Shine No 
Sheer Opaque 

Application & Usage 

Flannel is commonly used in clothing, blankets, bed sheets, and sleepwear.

Clothing Yes
Home Furnishing Yes
Accessories  No

How to Judge the Authenticity of Flannel 

Authenticity can be checked by feeling the fabric's softness and brushed textured. 

Care Instructions of Flannel

  • Flannel is very easy to care can use cold water wash and tumble dry on low.
  • Flannel does not wrinkle easily so no need to iron.

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