Georgette Fabric

Georgette Fabric

What is Georgette? 

Georgette  is made from silk but can also made from synthetic fibers like rayon, viscose, and polyester. 

Georgette is plain weave fabric that is woven using z twist, y twist yarn. Georgette can also be woven using the satin weave or jacquard weave, which produces satin Georgette and jacquard Georgette.

Georgette can be layered on top of more solid fabrics to add dimension and create an eye-catching effect. Georgette fabrics are sometimes sold in solid colors but georgette can be printed and often boasts colorful floral prints.

Types of georgette fabric:

1. Double Georgette
2. Stretch Georgette
3. Satin Georgette
4. Jacquard Georgette
5. Polyester Georgette


  • Georgette was introduced by Madame Georgette de la Plante in 20th century.

  • The most of its usage has been dated back to 191.

  • It is Very popular fabric in the 1930s for the bouncy effect in the gowns worn by the women of that era.

What Makes it Stand Out

Georgette is known for its signature puckered appearance, due to the tightly twisted yarns used in the weave.
Texture  Crushed or twisted feel
Fall Very flowy 
Sheer Transparent 

Application & Usage 

Clothing:  used in evening gowns, bridal wear, silk georgette saree, but is a versatile fabric used for many different cuts of dresses.

Home Decor:  Georgette is also used in home decor for items like window treatments, table decorations, and pillow covers.

Clothing  Yes
Home furnishing Yes

New Age Innovations

In new era , with the development of new machines and easier methods of dyeing, cost effectiveness and other such reasons to reduce overall cost of production of the fabric, Georgette has become one of the most widely sought after textile in garments.

How to Judge the Authenticity of Georgette? 

  1. Touch Test : rub the fabric between your fingers if it feels rough but soft it is pure georgette.

  2. Burn Test : take sample  of fabric and burn it results in burning of the fabric continues even if the flame is removed, smells like burning paper, ash is soft and powdery.

  3. Water Stain Test : wet half of the fabric sample and dry it with iron results in the visibility of water stain  after the fabric is completely dry.

Care Instructions of Georgette 

  • Dip the fabric in tub filled with cold water and use light detergent.
  • Squeeze the fabric to remove excess water.
  • Lay the fabric flat  to dry.

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