Gingham Cotton

Gingham Cotton

What is Gingham? 

Gingham is a plain woven fabric with stripes and check. Color and pattern effect is given by carded or combed yarns. Gingham is made of  cotton and cotton blends and with dyed yarn to form checked pattern. Red and white, Blue and white patterned combination is popular.


Came from the Malay word “genggang, means “striped,” which then moved to the Dutch language as “gingang” to evolve into “gingham” in English.

What Makes it Stand Out

  • Gingham is check and stripe structured fabric. 
  • It is Biodegradable and Recyclable fabric.

Texture  Soft
Fall Good drape
Shine No
Sheer No

Application & Usage 

  • Gingham is widely used for button-down shirts, dresses. 
  • Popularly this  pattern is used for bathing suits and beach towels.
  • Used in accessories like pocket squares, scarves, and headbands to pop out the material.
  • Used in home decor in table cloth, bedding ,window curtains.

Clothing  Yes
Home Furnishing Yes
Accessories  Yes

How to Judge the Authenticity of Gingham Cotton 

To test the original gingham dip it in water it will absorbs up to 65% of its own weight without dripping.

Care Instructions of Gingham Cotton 

  • Wash with cold water can be by machine or hand wash.

  • Slightly stretch the fabric after washing to get them back into shape.

  • Lay fabric flat for drying and avoid sun contact.

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