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What is Grosgrain ? 

  • Grosgrain is a heavy, ribbed fabric that is most often made out of either rayon or silk , that is made as ribbons .
  • This technique resulted in unique transverse ribs in a heavy weft.
  • Grosgrain's resemblance to a fine cord is why it is popularly known as a plainly woven cord fabric.
  • Its cords are lighter compared to faille but heavier than a poplin fabric.
  • Grosgrain fabric is often available in black and rarely in other colors except when it is made into grosgrain ribbons. In this case, it then comes in all flashy colors and patterns.  

Grosgrain ribbons

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  • Grosgrain dates back to the 17th century where it was used as the fabric for many garments such as, jackets, waistcoats, petticoats, breeches, sleeves, jerkins and much more.
  • Typically, it was used as a cheaper alternative than fine-woven silk or wool. In the late 19th century factories in American began to produce grosgrain silk.
  • Eventually, around the 1920’s, grosgrain clothing was all but phased out and the fabric would find it’s legacy within ribbon.

What Makes it Stand Out 

  • Durable
  • Grosgrain ribbons are available in wide range of colours .
Texture   Silky & ribbed 
Fall  Good fall 
Shine  Subtle sheen
Sheer  Opaque


Applications & Usage  

  • Grosgrain fabric is widely used to attach semi-detached articles together like tops and skirts.
  • Grosgrain ribbons are used for waistbands, facings, and accents. Using grosgrain ribbons as waistband facings saves a lot of time and excess fabric and is excellent for use with bulky fabrics.
  • Grosgrain fabric is also a smart and practical alternative to lustrous satin and is popularly used on evening gowns, dresses, dinner jackets, tuxedos, and dress coats.
  • It highlights the hems of the lapel, outermost edges, and the garment's collar, which adds to its sophistication .
  • It can also be used on accessories like cummerbunds and bow ties and decorating ribbons .
  • Grosgrain has gained popularity for millinery as a great choice for creating decorations on hats.
  • Grosgrain fabric can also be used to bind together book spines or sheaves and can be a great tool for book restoration and binding.
Apparel   Yes
Home Decor   Yes
Accessories     -

 Grosgrain used in garments

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Grosgrain bow

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Care Instructions 

  • Take out stains on the ribbons of hats using rubbing alcohol or even clean water and a cloth .
  • Air dry

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