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Habutae Silk

What is Habutae ? 

  • "Habutae" (habutae silk in English) is a kind of plain woven silk cloth with warp and weft yarns alternately interwoven.
  • Habutae is woven using two thinner warp yarns for each one weft yarn so that its texture becomes soft, light and with silky glaze.


  • Habutae is a traditional Japanese woven cloth, which is said to have originated in the early-modern times.
  • From around 1877, research to improve looms was promoted in Kyoto and in Kiryu City, Gunma Prefecture.
  • In around 1887, production of habutae began in Kawamata-cho in Fukushima Prefecture, Ishikawa Prefecture, Fukui Prefecture and others.
  • During the Meiji period, habutae was the main item among silk fabrics exported from Japan.
  • It was vigorously exported to Europe and America, supporting the growth of Japanese industry.
  • There were two kinds of habutae, one being for domestic market and another for export.

What Makes it Stand Out

  • Fineness, light weight, softness, sheen and silky hand.
  • Inexpensive and is also known as China Silk.
  • Good thermoregulation.
Texture  Smooth , silky
Fall Good drape
Shine Sheen
Sheer Slight sheer


Applications & Usage

  • Most commonly used for lining, as well as for creating summer blouses, pareo, light lingerie and scarves .
Apparel  Yes
Home Furnishing  -
Accessories  -

 Silk Habutae printed scarf

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Care Instructions

  • Pre-wash the fabric if you wish, using the method you plan to launder the finished garment.
  • 100% silk habutae should only de dry cleaned.
  • Hung to dry.
  • Dry iron .

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