Khadi Fabric

Khadi Fabric

What is Khadi?

  • Khadi is naturally hand woven fabric.
  • Widely used in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh.
  • Commonly khadi is woven with cotton and also use silk and wool which are spun on charkha.
  • It has a versatile property cool in summers and warm in winters.
  • Khadi is being promoted in India by the Khadi and Village Industries Commission and the Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises.
  • Types of Khadi fabrics are -
  1. Khadi Cotton Fabric
  2. Woolen Khadi Fabric
  3. Pandora Khadi
  4. Khadi Silk Fabric

 What makes it stand out?

  • Khadi is handwoven and hand spun fabric.
  • The more the khadi is washed fells more fresh.



  • The versatile khadi fabric has the unique property of keeping the wearer warm in winter and cool in summer.
  • It has a coarse texture and gets easily crumpled, and therefore, is starched to keep it firm and stiff.
  • On washing, it is more enhanced; the more you wash it, the better is the look.


Application and usage 

  • Use for making summer clothing and variety of Indian ethnic garments.
  • Used in accessories for Women like handbags and sling bags.
Clothing Yes
Accessories Yes


How to judge the authenticity?

  • Take end of Khadi fabric twist it in the direction of yarn if thread tighten than it is original Khadi.
  • Take the fabric against the light observe slightly difference in density and considerable transparency.
  • Touch-test will be a good test to understand Khadi fabric.
  • Authentic khadi have the KVIC(The Khadi and Village Industries Commission) logo. 

Care instructions

  • Wash the Khadi fabric in cold water use mild detergent.
  • Starch the fabric to avoid crumple from the Khadi fabric.
  • Dry the fabric in shade to prevent the fabric from fading from direct sunlight.

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