Kota Doria Fabric

Kota Doria Fabric

What is Kota Doria? 

Kota Doria  fabric was once used only as headgear for royalties, but with the passing of time, the use of this fabric for sarees increased as it became seen as auspicious during festivities.

The combination of cotton and silk makes the final product both strong and soft.
Ornamented fabric majorly with embellishing borders and various floral patterns called Bhuti.

Kota is known for production of fine count cotton.


  • Kota Doria is originated in Mysore  the weavers  practiced this craft were known as 'Masurias'.
  • In the mid 17th century Rao Kishore Singh who was a general in the Mughal Army during Shahjahan's reign brought weavers to kota from Mysore in Karnataka,  as they wove a characteristic small squared lightweight cotton fabric that looks like graph paper and is suitable for turbans.
  • In 1696 while fighting for the Mughal Emperor in karnataka Rao Kishore Singh died in a battle .
  • The union between the two states brought about the invention of the ‘Kota-Masuria’ sarees.
  • This type of sarees became popular in which went on to become one of the most fashionable fabrics in India.

What Makes it Stand Out

The  fabric of Kota Doria is made with cotton and silk yarn in different combinations in warp and weft, which are woven in such a fashion that they produce square check patterns in the fabric.

These checks  on fabric are known  as “KHAT” and these are made so skillfully that the fabric becomes transparent, which is a unique characteristic of this wonder hand-woven fabric.

Kota Doria fabric is more comfortable in summer season because it is light and airy and therefore, this fabric is an excellent protection against the north Indian heat. 

Texture Soft 
Fall Mild Fall
Shine Subtle shine
Sheer Yes

Application & Usage 

Used in Apparel for men and women to accessories like handbags and pouches to home furnishings that include diaphanous window coverings, and delicate lampshades.

Clothing Yes
Home Furnishing  Yes
Accessories Yes

New Age Innovations 

  • Only sarees were produced from Kota Doria but now a days  a wide range of dupattas, salwars, kurtas and lehengas are also available
  • Accessories embellished with Kota Pattis, a strip with rich Kota Doria work and embroidered mirrors, are extensively used in contemporary fashion. 

How to Check the Authenticity of Kota Doria? 

1. The fabric feels soft to touch, its light weight and open textured fabric.

2. The normal texture of the fabric, its a blend of silk and cotton, the silk yarns gives 'transparent effect' or transparency on the fabric and cotton yarns gives 'stripe effect'.

3. Do check out for 'Chequered weave', which is square like patterns known as 'khats', because of this design does not appear evidently on the saree.

Care Instructions of Kota Doria

  • Hand wash with very mild detergent.
  • Dry Cleaning recommended.
  • Dry the fabric in shade.
  • Never wring the fabric.
  • Iron the fabric in medium-low always. 

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