Lawn Fabric

Lawn Fabric

What is Lawn Fabric?

  • The lawn fabric is fine sheet, lightweight, crisp fabric it is made of cotton or linen.
  • Different types of finishes are given to this fabric, in which the fabric is called by the name of the finish. It is mainly used as lining in a dress.
  • It feels very comfortable in hot weather.


  • The name “lawn cloth” comes from the French city of Laon, which was where this textile was first woven.
  • At first, lawn cloth was primarily made with linen, which was more abundant in Europe at the time.
  • As cotton imports from India became more commonplace, however, weavers of lawn cloth gradually made the shift to this alternative textile material.
  • At the same time that Indian cotton was making its way into France, French lawn cloth was also making its way into India.
  • Indian weavers started making this lightweight cloth into traditional salwar kameez suits, which are also known as “lawn suits” due to their incorporation of the European lawn cloth weave


  • It is a lightweight, crisp fabric.
  • It is relatively sheer and opaque cloth.
  • It has sheer and opaque property.

Application and uses

  • Lawn cloth commonly is used for infant wear, handkerchiefs. dresses, blouses, aprons and curtains.
  • Other uses are nightwear, underwear, lingerie, collar cuffs and shirting.

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