Lycra Fabric

Lycra Fabric

What is Lycra? 

Lycra is a synthetic fiber has a  stretchability property can stretch up to six times its length and return to its original state. It is highly resistant fabric to heat. 

Lycra is usually woven into other types of textiles to increase their overall elasticity. It is a polymer composed of long chains of monomers that are connected with a special type of acid and printed with ecologically-safe transfer sublimation inks.


  • In 1950s Lycra was developed by the DuPont Corporation.

  • Lycra was invented in 1958 in United States. It was created by Joseph Shivers. He was a chemist.

  • Lycra is made from a combination of polyester and polyurethane.

  • Lycra consists of a good elasticity and strength, that's why it  is often used to make clothing.

What Makes it Stand Out

Lycra  can stretch to 5-8 times their usual size and is an extraordinarily comfortable fabric.

Texture  Soft and elastic
Fall No
Shine No
Sheer No

Application & Usage

  • Lycra is used in every type of sportswear.
  • It is used in apparel used while biking, hiking, or swimming.
  • It is used in form fitting underwear for men and women, socks.

Clothing  Yes
Home Furnishing No
Accessories  No

Care Instructions of Lycra

  • It should be hand washed  to prevent excessive stretching.

  • Always use lukewarm water (max 30°C) for both washing and rinsing.

  • A mild detergent should be used that contains no chlorine bleach.

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