Mashru Fabric

Mashru Fabric

What is Mashru? 

Mashru fabric has satin finish surface and is known for its intricate weaves. It is woven with mix of Silk and Cotton. It generally has vibrant colors, multicolored stripes and Ikat patterns.


  • Mashru name is  come from the Muslim community.

  • During the age old days, there were restrictions on wearing silk, since it was made by killing the cocoons and silkworms, which led to the genesis of the Mashru fabric.

  • Mashru was popular trading textile to the Ottoman empire and Gulf countries.

  • Was handcrafted with a medley of plush silk on the outside and soothing cotton on the inside.

  • Than Mashru became very popular in Turkey, Persia and many Mediterranean countries as it gave them the freedom of wearing Silk clothing without breaking their religious laws.

  • Mashru slowly find its way in the Hindu community as well and the fabric became an integral part of the wardrobe of Kutch Nomads.

What Makes it Stand Out

Mashru fabric is famous for its strength and aesthetics.

Texture   Silk like 
Fall Good 
Shine Glossy
Sheer Opaque 

Application & Usage 

It is used in making garments, quilts, cushions and bags.

Clothing  Yes
Home Furnishing Yes
Accessories  Yes

New Age Innovations 

  • Mashru is now made in looms, rather than handcrafted, as it has become an expensive business.
  • Artisans are moving towards budget-friendly processes. Silk is now being replaced with rayon and synthetic fabric as it can be bought at cheaper rates from the market.
  • Fused with Ikat pattern and stripes, the Mashru fabric dovetails with bright, solid colours. The skilled weavers are changing tunes by merging Bandhani and Ikat, creating eye-arresting waves to wear.

Care Instructions of Mashru

  • Always dry clean Mashru fabric.

  • Dry the fabric in direct sunlight to keep the glossiness of the fabric for a long time.

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