Net Fabric

Net Fabric

What is Net? 

Net fabric has open spacing between the yarn due to the looped or knotted at their intersections. It is widely used in India for ethic garments or for layering to cover the garment.

The variety of net fabrics are: 

  1. Bobbinet (hexagonal mesh): very thin and transparent and is mostly used in bridal wear and  can be found with stone or peal embellishments.

  2. Tulle ( hexagonal mesh) :  made from silk or nylon and is stiffer than Bobbinet.

  3. Fishnet: it is tied coarsely with larger openings in the yarn.

  4. Filet Net ( square mesh)  :  holes are formed in hexagonal in shape. Used to made saree & dupatta.


  • Was found at the time of pre-Mughal era and was used by women in court.

  • Lace is commonly found in net was traces its origins to the Victorian Era.

  • Was introduced to India at time of British empire and was worn by Indian women when equal the fashion style of British women.

What Makes it Stand Out

The technique of making net fabric is also used to create hammocks, fisherman’s nets and in camping tents to create windows.

Application & Usage 

  • Net is most commonly used in wedding and prom dresses,  make tutus for dancing costumes.
  • Used in accessories for bags, hammocks, headbands and scarves.
  • Also used in home decor items, mosquito net, Bedding, Mattress, Tent, Curtain, Garment, Home, and Textiles.

Clothing  Yes
Home Furnishing Yes
Accessories  Yes

New Age Innovations 

Apart from clothing now a days net is used to create a variety of household décor items such as cushion covers, curtains, table cloths and, in certain cases, lampshades.

How to Judge the Authenticity of Net

Can gently stretch or pull the fabric and release, If fabric retain its shape and structure.

Care Instructions of Net

Can easily washed with cold water.

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