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What is Percale ?

  • Percale is a closely woven plain-weave fabric often used for bed covers.
  • Percale has a thread count of about 200 or higher and is noticeably tighter than the standard type of weave used for bedsheets.
  • It is made from both carded and combed yarns, and may be woven of various fibers, such as cotton, polyester, or various blends.
  • Percale sheets use a traditional criss-cross pattern - one thread over, and one thread under. Technically speaking, it’s one yarn in the warp, and one yarn in the weft. 


  • Moris or mauris was the 18th century French term used for percale, the cloth imported from India.
  • It was a cotton cloth. Moris was the third most exported fabric from Coromandel Coast after Longcloth and Salampore.
  • It was superior and finer quality than the peers. Coromandel coastline forms a part of Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh.
  • Moris was produced at Nellore, Arni, Maduranthakam, and Cuddalore. Palakollu.The cloth was famous as painted chintz in southeast countries also.
  • Percale was formerly imported from India in the 17th and 18th centuries, then manufactured in France.

What Makes it Stand Out 

  • They’re luxurious, soft, and ridiculously comfortable .
Texture  Smooth, soft and cool to the touch.
Fall  Drapable
Shine  Dull
Sheer  Opaque


Applications & Usage 

  • Used for beddings - bedsheets & pillow cover . 
Apparel  -
Home Decor   Yes
Accessories   -

 Percale bedding

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Care Instructions 

  • Machine washable or professionally laundered cold or warm water for the wash cycle can use popular laundry detergents without fabric softeners .
  • Never use chlorine bleach – it weakens the cotton fibers .
  • Cold water rinse If your washing machine has the option for a second rinse cycle, use it to ensure that any excess soap is washed out.
  • Excess soap will make our percale sheets feel scratchy.
  • Unless the item label states otherwise, you may tumble dry your sheets using the permanent press or low temperature setting only.
  • Do not use high heat .
  • Remove your luxury sheets immediately at the end of the drying cycle and smooth while folding .
  • You may iron while still damp using the cotton or linen setting on your iron.

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