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Raschel Knit

What is Raschel Knit ? 

  • Raschel Knit Fabric is a type of Warp knitted fabrics, which are made in a special knitting machine with yarns from warp beam.
  • This machine uses special needles called ‘Latch needles’ .
  • The face side of the fabric has slightly inclined vertical knitting loops whereas the backside of the fabric has inclined horizontal floats.
  • Most raschel knits can be identified by their intricate designs, the open-space look of crochet or lace, and an almost three-dimensional surface effect design.
  • Raschel knitting is an industrial knitting process and is not done by hand.
  • Raschel knits do not stretch very well and are often bulky.


  • Raschel knitting machine was developed in the 19th century as an inexpensive way to produce lace.
  • The machine was named after the very popular 19th century French actress Elisabeth Rachel Félix—better known as Mademoiselle Rachel—who was known for wearing lace.
  • Her name was altered to the German spelling as the Raschel knitting machine was refined in Germany.

What Makes it Stand Out 

  • Its open weave / construction 
  • They do not ravel
Texture Soft , mesh like
Fall Good drape
Shine Dull
Sheer See through 


Applications & Usage 

  • They are mostly used in sportswear and athleticwear.
  • Raschel Knit Fabric has good draping qualities and is frequently used as an unlined material for coats, lingerie and dresses.
  • Raschel knitting machines produce a wide selection of fabrics ranging from mesh bags and net fabrics such as mosquito netting, chemical fiber garments and technical and medical net textiles to lace curtains and edgings, veils, narrow tapes and blankets. 
Apparel  Yes
Home Decor  Yes
Accessories  Yes

Raschel knit trim / edging

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Care Instructions 

  • It is always recommended that you hand wash .
  • Let the lace soak and gently massage the fabric in the water, allow the lace fabric to soak for 30 minutes.
  • Rinse well and press out the water. Do not rub or scrub lace. The delicate fabric could tear easily.
  • Lay them flat to dry .
  • If you need to press, lay a thick towel underneath and use a presser cloth to press over the cloth on the top.

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