Rayon Fabric

Rayon Fabric

What is Rayon? 

Rayon  is natural based material  that is made from cellulose of wood pulp or cotton. Rayon is one of the most widely used fabric in our society. 

It undergoes intense chemical processing, making it a manufactured fiber. Rayon Fiber's strengths is its versatility and has ability to blend easily with many fibers.


  • In the year 1924 the name rayon was given as generic term for newly made cellulose fiber.

  • The father of Rayon 'Frenchman Count Hilaire de Chardonnet, discovered in 1880s that nitrocellulose from rags or wood pulp could be turned into fiber, thread and fabric.

  • Rayon is firstly manufactured fiber, but because it is derived from cellulose, is not considered to be true synthetic but as semi synthetic.

  • By the turn of 21st century, 24%of rayon produced in the world is from Grasim of India.

  • Other countries making rayon today are Germany, Brazil, Austria, China, Laos, Canada & US.

What Makes it Stand Out

  • Rayon is a manmade fiber which is regenerated from pure cellulose from wood pulp which is further converted into acetate  to make fiber soluble and solvent.
  • There are several grades of rayon fabric that can change the look and texture of other natural fibers.
Texture  Soft and smooth
Fall Good Drape
Shine  Shiny 
Sheer Opaque 

Application & Usage 

Rayon is used for making clothing like sarees, blouses, dresses and socks.
Used to make home furnishing items like bed-sheets, curtains, blankets, carpets etc.
Used in medical field for making bandages and surgical dressing.
Used in tyre industry for the manufacture of tyre cod.

Clothing Yes
Home Furnishing Yes
Accessories  Yes

How to Judge the Authenticity of Rayon? 

  • In Burn test Rayon fabric produces odor similar to cotton fabric.
  • It keeps on burning when the flame is removed. leaves only slight ash.
  • When wet the rayon fabric it generally feels gummy, while its fiber tends to weaken down.
  • Rayon fabric also tends to dry quite slowly as compared to the other remaining fabrics.
  • If scratch with nails rayon threads would slip and would separate quite easier than other fabric.

Care Instructions of Rayon

  • Hand washing is always the best and safest method for washing rayon fabric.
  • Best to air dry rayon fabric on flat surface to avoid shrinkage.

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