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Silver Knit

What is Silver Knit ? 

  • Sliver Knit Fabric is made by circular knitting machines in which the face fibers imitating fur are attached to the fabric, by means of knitting sliver along with base yarn making the fabric.
  • Sliver knit fabrics have longer and denser piles on the fabric surface than other pile jerseys.
  • Printed sliver knit fabrics are popularly used as imitation fur fabrics . 

What Makes it Stand Out 

  • Less expensive
  • Great replacement for real fur
Texture   Furry , soft
Fall  Not suitable for drapes
Shine  Sheen
Sheer  Opaque


Applications & Usage 

  • Sliver Knit Fabrics are widely used in making jackets and coats.
  • Sliver Knit fabrics are used in a number of different products, from blankets and saddle pads to the fabric for mascots and stuffed animals.
Apparel   Yes
Home Decor   Yes
Accessories   -


 Green silver knit jacket

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