Supima Fabric

Supima Fabric

What is Supima?

  • Supima fabric is made up of the fibers of Gossypium barbadense plant.
  • Its a height quality softest and strongest cotton fabric .
  • Most of the cotton fibers are 20 millimeters long but pima is 34 millimeters extra long staple fiber.
  • Supima cotton is certified as genuine by the ASA.
  • If supima fabric does not have the seal of ASA, is not original supima and some supima fabric is certified as organic by the USDA.


  • Supima is derived from the word “Superior” and “Pima”.
  • Production of Supima cotton has risen from 100,000 bales per year in the 1980s to over 800,000 bales in 2006.
  • 90% of Supima cotton is exported from the United States, the majority being for the overseas manufacture of yarn, finished fabrics, clothing, sheets and towels which are re-exported to the United States for sale.
  • The top five importers of Supima cotton are China, India, Pakistan, Turkey, and Peru.

What makes it stand out?

Property of Supima which makes it differently stand out among others is extra-long staple fiber that gives the cotton its premium properties: Strength, Softness and Color retention.


  • It is strong ,Soft and luxurious fabric.
  • High Moisture-wicking abilities.
  • It is a very breathable and durable fabric.
 Fall Good fall
Shine No
Sheer Slightly Sheer


Application and uses

Supima fabric is used for T-shirts, dress shirts, underwear, nightgowns, and pajamas

Care instructions

  • Wash the fabric in cold water to avoid shrinkage use mild detergent.
  • Tumble dry the fabric.
  • To remove wrinkles by ironing the fabric

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