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Tricot Knit

What is Tricot Knit ? 

  • Tricot fabric is a knit material that is woven on a flatbed knitting machine.
  • The tricot weave creates a zigzag effect on the front of the fabric and a crosswise rib on the back.
  • Tricot is a warp-knit fabric. This means it has continuous lengthwise columns of loops.
  • Warp knitting differs from weft knitting by having each needle loop its own thread.
  • The needles produce parallel rows of loops that create the interlocked zigzag pattern seen below.
  • These lengthwise loops are what give this fabric a smooth surface on the face and a textured back.
  • This structure creates ribs on the front and crosswise ribs on the back. This makes the tricot both soft and an incredibly durable knit structure.
  • This knitting process creates a soft and flexible tricot that does not snag or run easily.
  • High-quality tricot will not build up a static charge or cling to the body to ensure that it is comfortable to wear.
  • Tricots come in a variety of colors and patterns.You’ll usually find tricot fabric made from nylon and spandex or polyester and spandex. There may be a small percentage of natural fiber like cotton in some, but the fully synthetic variety is the most popular .

What Makes it Stand Out 

  • They have an excellent wrinkle and run resistance, as well as good drape-ability.
  • Heat-retention, water-absorption, quick-drying, antibacterial, and form-fitting. Comfort and Breathability durable and robust .
Texture Smooth surface on the face and a textured back.
Fall  Good drape 
Shine  Dull 
Sheer  Opaque


Applications & Usage 

  • Swimwear, lingerie and sportswear are what tricot is commonly used for .
Apparel   Yes
Home Decor    -
Accessories    -

Tricot knit sports wear

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Care Instructions 

  • Machine wash on gentle cycle separately in cold water .
  • Air dry 
  • Iron isn't neccesary .

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