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Twill Fabric

What is Twill Fabric ?

  • Twill fabric is any fabric made with a special weaving technique that results in diagonal ridges in the fabric. It is not specific to any particular fiber and can be made from cotton, linen, silk or man-made fibers.
  • A few different natural and synthetic fibers are used to make twill, and this fabric can also be made in various patterns.

     Here are some examples of the different types of twill that are offered:

  1.  Natural twill: Some types of twill fabric are made from natural fibers like cotton.
  2. Synthetic twill: Other types of twill fabric are made from synthetic textiles such as polyester.
  3.  Zigzag twill: This type of twill is the most common form of this weave, and it features the diagonal pattern that makes this type of weave recognizable.
  4.  Herringbone twill: Some textile experts consider herringbone to be its own fabric, but it's actually a derivative of twill. This type of fabric displays an iconic zigzag pattern that is accomplished with weft and warp threads that are different colors.
  5.  Diamond twill: When viewed in a complete fabric, diamond twill takes on the appearance of diamonds that are composed of multiple concentric lines. These diamonds are arranged parallel to each other throughout the fabric. While this type of twill is sometimes used to make apparel, it is also common to see it as a pattern in rugs.
  6.  Diaper twill: This type of twill was originally used to make diapers, and it displays a complex diamond-shaped pattern.
  7.  Broken twill: No, this type of twill isn't torn or otherwise damaged; it simply displays an alternating pattern.
  8.  Elongated twill: This type of twill is woven by crossing more weft threads with a single weave thread, which results in an elongated appearance.

   Images - Types of Twill 

Herringbone & zig zag twill weave pattern

Herringbone & Zig Zag Twill Weave Pattern

Image Reference -

Zig zag twill fabric

Zig Zag Twill

Image Reference -

 Herringbone twill weave

Herringbone Twill

Image Reference -

Broken twill weave pattern

Broken Twill Weave Pattern

Image Reference -

Broken twill fabric

Broken Twill 

Image Reference -

Diamond twill pattern

Diamond Twill Weave Pattern

Image Reference -

Diamond twill weave

Diamond Twill

Image Reference -

Elongated twill weave pattern

Elongated Twill Weave Pattern

Image Reference -

Elongated Twill

Elongated Twill 

Image Reference -


What Makes it Stand Out

  • Durable nature
  • Easy to sew and wash
  • Dirt and stains are less noticeble on twill fabrics due to its weave construction Excellent drapability
  • Resistant to creasing
Texture  Soft,ridged texture 
Fall Drapes well
Shine Dull-Slight Sheen
Sheer Opaque


Applications & Usage

  • Homewares such as tea towels, table cloths , cushions , rugs and carpets .
  • This fabric is most well-known for its use in denim jeans; all types of jeans feature this iconic diagonal pattern. Its even used for jackets -Is ideal for outdoor and industrial work clothes.
Apparel Yes
Home Furnishing Yes
Accessories Yes


Judge the Authenticity

  • Darker colored front side (called the wale) with a lighter back.


Care Instructions

  • Cold gentle machine wash with like garments, use quality laundry liquid/powder. Do not soak, wring, rub, bleach or tumble.
  •  Dry flat or on hanger.
  •  Warm iron on reverse side.
  •  Dry clean using Hydrocarbon.


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