5 Things You Need to revamp your old clothes

5 Things You Need to revamp your old clothes

Do you often find yourself running out of clothes? Let’s accept it, it’s a story of every woman’s life. Whenever we open our wardrobe, apart from a few recent buys every outfit seems to be boring and worn a thousand times. We spend our weekends burning money; however, in no time that feeling sweeps in again, leaving us cribbing and complaining.

Have you ever wondered why to spend money on new clothes, when there is so much you can do with the existing ones? Stitching these little add-ons to your mundane outfits can give your wardrobe a fresh new look. All you need is a little knack of creativity!

Pom-Poms and Tassels

These colorful charmers can add a whole new look to your daily wear. From basic kurtas and tops to skirts and bags, you can hang them to almost everything. For kurtas try sticking them onto the sleeves or around your neckline. For tops and skirts go for the edges and side pockets, while for denims you can hook them on the periphery.


Borders can add an all new flare to the outfit. Imagine styling your old outfits according to the occasion, it is going to be so much fun. Going out for a Sunday brunch? Try stitching a pastel net lace to the dress you thought of never wearing again! While if planning to go all ethnic, the classic gota pattis can totally jazz up your outfits. 


The moment we get into our TGIF mode, all we need are a group of friends and the right party dress. I am sure none of us, like to repeat our clothes, especially on the weekends. Try adding a little glimmer to your plain Tees and dresses. Just stitch a small patch of sequin onto your dress and you are good to go!


I still remember how mirror work was a rage a few years back. A trip to Rajasthan was incomplete without buying those shiny dupattas and lehenga cholis. Let’s relive the trend with a dash of fusion this time. Don’t limit yourself to ethnics, try stitching them to anything you think deserves that extra shine.   


Last but not the least, we all have a set of junk jewellery that we no longer wear but giving them away is something we can never think of! Ever considered stitching them onto your outfits? If not, trust me you are going to love it! Be it a rusted neckpiece or broken earrings you can stick them all!


Doesn’t life seem simpler all of a sudden?  So put an end to the shopping hassle and make the most out of these DIY ideas. These are absolutely doable and fun too! Just open your wardrobe today and pick your Fab Revamp Outfit. Share your look with us at­­­­­ and Don’t forget to use #fabriclore #fabrevamp 

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