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A Journey into Fabriclore’s Signature Floral Collection

A Journey into Fabriclore’s Signature Floral Collection

Just like history, fashion also has a habit of repeating itself. Trends may change but they always run in loops. Despite the transient nature of fads, some things remain unfazed, and Floral is one such eternal pattern. It molds itself with the shifting style tectonics, refusing to perish, and hence we, at Fabriclore, have created an Exclusive Hand Block Collection with these time-defying designs.

Our aim with this collection was to bring a unique twist to the timelessness of Florals, bringing them to life on graceful and all-season fabrics like Maheshwari Chanderi and Mercerized Chanderi. After a good, long brainstorming session, our in-house designing team decided to pick some of the most cherished, yet overlooked, flowers, found in almost every Indian garden, as our inspiration. We came down to five - Amaltas, Hibiscus, Star Jasmine, Bougainvillea and Lotus.

With the patterns finalised, experimenting with various colour combinations and swatches of materials got us to engage with different artisans, experts in hand carving of Wooden Blocks. With our exclusive Blocks in place, what followed is a treasured journey, captured for you in this video.

Our Motifs:


Our first inspiration comes from Amaltas, also known as the golden shower tree, a popular ornamental flower in South Asia. The tree in full bloom bears vibrant yellow flowers that hang low from the branches, enveloped in a golden glow. Capturing the delicate beauty of Amaltas, we came up with a few design variants in elegant tones of teal, off-white, yellow and pink, with Maheshwari and Mercerized Chanderi as the base fabrics.


The Hibiscus can be found in almost every household pan-India, thus holding a special place in our hearts. When looking for design options, we just couldn’t pass on the opportunity to honor this vibrant blossom. Our exclusive Chanderi Hand Block fabric pays due homage to the exquisite hibiscus, with hand-block prints in subtle tones, to highlight the lovely red floret on the Indian canvas.

Star Jasmine

These ivory blossoms have won our affection time and again. Though its fragrance is matchless, the star-shaped leaves commanded honour, and so we came up with a jaal-vine pattern, in form of intricate hand blocks. You’ll find them in the earthy tones of beige-ish yellow, teal and pink, all of which are available in two variants of Chanderi- Maheshwari and Mercerized.


The Bougainvillea has such vibrancy attached to it, with it’s white, rani pink and orange, translucent petals, that it was quite difficult to mirror. We tried to recreate the simple yet sophisticated aura with our elemental designs, translating the way it grows, that is in thick bunches, as spread across Chanderi in forms of ornamental borders, spaced-out motifs and jaals. We managed to replicate the magic in various color tones to suit various moods and design needs.


Last but certainly not the least, our national flower-Lotus. It is difficult to clone the heavenly charm of a lotus, but we, here at Fabriclore love to take on challenges. We incorporated the bud of the floweret with its stalk and leaf into our design. This decision definitely upped the ante for the hand block maker but was worth the hassle and we hope you agree too. The sheer texture of the Mercerized and Maheshwari Chanderi is an added bonus.

These graceful prints can be worn as traditional wear, but if you are particularly playful with your daily ensembles, then you can go for a more futuristic look. Outfits ranging from sarees, blouses, front-slit kurtas, ankle-length umbrella dresses, maxis, dupattas, and even home furnishings like cushion covers can be effortlessly crafted from our Signature Florals Collection. Quench your thirst with these blooming patterns, and Design Your Own with !

Authored By: Sunidhi Gaur

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