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Inscribing the Lore of Indian Mythology with Kalamkari

Inscribing the Lore of Indian Mythology with Kalamkari

There is something about the age-old Indian handloom art that till date dominates the realm of fashion designs and inspirations. No matter how much we feel driven by the West, the roots of these classic Indian art forms have established firm grounds amongst the designer community. Designers are unceasingly trying their hands at restoring the ancient crafts in the form of contemporary styles. One of the most celebrated Indian handloom arts is Kalamkari; a painstaking art of perfection, Kalamkari has its own kind of exclusivity and serenity to it.

Treasured by the Mughals and the Golconda Nizams, the fabric is exclusively crafted with a kalam, typically meaning a pen (made from bamboo or date palm sticks). The designs are either printed or skillfully hand-painted in organic colors, mainly extracted from tree bark, flowers and plant roots. The craft has a huge array of motifs ranging from sun chariots and lotus flowers to figures of women, Gods, demons, and even - tales of Ramayana and Mahabharata.

Kalamkari Couture

Creating an aura of tranquil ethnicity with Blue Kalamkari

Experimenting with cuts and flairs is one of the essentials of a good designer. These beautiful floral motifs extending over to the edges will take you back to the Hamlet days when the artisans intricately used to craft each and every design with a hand-made Kalam. Whether it is the bandh gala high-low, slit blouse teamed up with floral pants, appended with a cotton cape or the bandh gala dhoti sherwani, these Kalamkari-concept attires, done in calm and soothing tones of blue are going to add a streak of panache to your ethnic ensemble.



A glimpse of Sagar Tenali’s Kalamkari Collection


Reveling in the color of love with Kalamkari designs

If you are tired of the mainstream glitzy attires and are looking for something rare and classy, then these Kalamkari outfits are the ultimate pick for you this wedding season. The masterfully executed Kalamkari Silk lehenga and bandh gala - concept sherwani will set your pulse racing. Portraying passion and romance in fine details, the coordinated shades of madder, richly decorated with sun chariots, elephants and floral motifs will add a surreal glimmer to your hope chest.  


Kalamkari prints immersed in extractions of Indian madder roots

Quirky Kalamkari waistcoat soaked in mango back extractions

Gearing up men’s stitching needs; this quirky waistcoat is a definite style statement this season. Perfect for a daytime Mehndi or Sangeet, this side-button waistcoat, outlined with fine floral detailing at the collar and the bottom, teamed up with a khadi kurta pajama will keep you looking classy yet comfy.


Side-button waistcoat by Sagar Tenali

Draped in the saga of richness and class

Kalamkari silk and cotton sarees for centuries have been the quintessence of elegance in the Indian fashion industry. The significance of the saree in a woman’s life cannot be looked right through. The Kalamkari motifs are highly dictated by women figures and deities. These age-old traces of traditional organic colors can still be found in present-day designs. Whether it is the myrobalam fruit for black, pomegranate seed and mango bark for yellow or the Indian madder root for red, these sarees are attuned to all kinds of occasions and seasons round the year.

A personification of peace and purity enfolded in high spirits with Kalamkari

A nostalgic exemplification of Kalamkari designs in nature-inspired hues

Glamming up your folkloric day-and-night look with Kalamkari

From the past two-three years, crop tops and skirts have magnetized the Indian fashion realm and have swiftly taken over the traditional ethnic outfits. The ideal picture of an embroidered lehenga, blouse and dupatta no more fascinate the urban woman, though you can still get a whiff of conventional traces in such outfits. This Kalamkari flowy skirt and crop top is the case in point, perfect for a bright sunny occasion. With the trend of day-wedding functions sneaking in, outfits like these should be hooked into your closet.


A beautiful work of floral extensions

This Kalamkari Anarkali done in black and beige is definitely a head-turner. Known for its mysterious and protective nature, black is usually the safest choice when it comes to the evening hours. The enchanting work of floral extensions daubed across the unabridged outfit coordinated with beautiful illustrations of Hindu mythological tales at the bottom makes this outfit exceptionally flawless.

A timeless depiction of Indian mythology

Snazzing up your ethnic ensemble with Indo-western Kalamkari

These seamless artworks of Indian fashion fabricated on western outfits demonstrate a unified modern day lifestyle. From high-low flairs to concept dresses, the scope of experimentation has factually no end. Both the outfits have a distinctive charm to them. If you like them loud and quirky, then go for the neon high-low flairs paired up with a chic Kalamkari jacket. Whereas if gold is your color, then this concept dress with beautiful Kalamkari motifs painted on crimson red can be the pick of the bunch.           


Kalamkari concept dresses done in bright tones of pink and rich gold

Learning how to wing it with Kalamkari

Get your hands on this Kalamkari blazer and brace it up with white twill chinos and a pair of tan brown penny or snaffle loafers.


Swing into a sunshine date with this perfect princess dress. Ditch your ordinary outfits and try your hands on improvising Kalamkari designs on cotton-silk fabric! Or, Jute! Or, Chanderi!


Unwind this summer season with these comfy Kalamkari palazzos, easily doable on Rayon and Mashru Silk.


If you are a fan of ethnic bits and bobs, then try accessorizing your routine outfits with Kalamkari bags and accessories.

Home Furnishings

Give your room a mythological makeover with Kalamkari art

The more we explore the more we’re lured! If you have a thing for home décor, then try revamping your room with these enchanting Kalamkari bed sheets and cushion covers. Ethereal scenes from Indian epics imprinted on fabrics will make you drift in the lore of Hindu mythology. The vibrant color palate and Mughal-inspired motifs will bloom your place up!

Kalamkari Bed Covers

Kalamkari Cushion Covers

Revisit the golden ages with our Kalamkari collection today!


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