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Awesome Ideas to use Fabrics in Interior Space

Awesome Ideas to use Fabrics in Interior Space

Owning a house can be strenuous, but if there's anything more tedious then it would be designing your house. Interior designing is like a bridal makeover but, for houses. People want their houses to be aesthetic, and luminous, as if it is straight out of the movies! But, up to what extent would you go for designing your house?

Apparently, many people end up spending extravagantly for home decor. Unbeknownst to them, all it takes is some creativity and some recyclable fabrics! Yes, Fabrics! You will be surprised to know how well a piece of clothing can help in amplifying the glamour of your house.


Use of Fabrics in Home Decor


Fabric is, perhaps, one of the most fundamental elements in interior designing. For the uninitiated, Fabrics are a brilliant way to define the character of your space. In addition to that, having them integrated with your furniture and lighting will add vividness to your house.

Despite its significance, its use is very uncommon within the realm of home decor. One of the many reasons is how the majority of us relate fabric with clothing, but not with anything else. 
However, Thanks to the internet, this contradiction is slowly dissolving among the masses.

The internet era gave rise to the Do-It-Yourself culture, which in turn through word-of-mouth, compelled people to try unconventional ideas. The best part - it works, in fact, people are more satisfied doing things on their own rather than relying on a professional.

The same applies to interior designing. Needless to say, DIY Interior designing looks quirky and can be tailored to fit the theme of your house.


Ways To Use Fabrics in Interior Designing


Now that we have understood how important fabrics are in Interior designing, the next thing to do is to find ways to apply them. Of course, you can find a plethora of ideas on the internet.

But, realistically, the majority of them would be either too ambitious for your house, or expensive. Therefore, for you to try practical, DIY methods, here are our 4 top suggestions.

  1. Fabrics in Cushion covers 


If you live in a rented apartment, you would not want to buy expensive decor pieces. Instead, you would want something that adds value to your house, yet affordable. Well, Cushion Covers fit well in both of those brackets! You can effortlessly revamp your home decor scheme using embellished and attractive cushion covers(or pillow inserts).

If you have old clothing left unused, then you can use it as your pillow insert! The only challenge here is to properly cut through your cloth. For that, we recommend you to first take the dimensions of your throw pillow or cushion, and then proceed further.

Ideally, you should go for any one of the woven fabrics - cotton, linen, silk or velvet. But, you can always spice things up by using denim or rayon!


  1. Plant Covers


Believe it or not, fabrics are quintessential in agriculture. As a matter of fact, Agriculturists have even come up with "Garden Fabrics" for weed and erosion control. Even though neither erosion nor weed control plays a role in home decor, the key takeaway from this is how versatile fabrics are! Instead of using plastic bags, switch to a more eco-friendly alternative like Fabric.

Not only does it look really beautiful, but will also look organised. It is best to prefer durable, spill-proof and sturdy fabrics such as Jute or Cotton. If you are into crocheting, you can knit your favourite designs on a jute bag, to make your plant covers stand out!

  • Tablecloth


    Furniture, or Table, in particular, is an integral part of any house. Because it is the one place that the majority of the guests will definitely see. Not just guests, it is also the place where the entire family shares their meals, discusses their day and even resolves conflicts.

    Therefore, it is safe to say that the way your table looks will influence the overall aesthetics of your house. That's why we believe it is important to choose the perfect tablecloth. While choosing one, make sure it not only looks pleasing, but also capable of withstanding spills, and can be used regularly - like polyester, cotton or linen.

    1. Fabric Photo Frame


    Photo frames may not sound like a big deal, but a short modification on your frame will create a significant change in the overall complexion of the surrounding walls.

    Why not take it up a notch and try hanging your favourite memories on a fabric photo frame! This is super easy. Once you have retained the wooden frame, all you have to do is to take cotton fabric(any of your old clothes would do) and cut it in such a way that its dimensions are 2 to 3 inches greater than the rectangular frame.

    Finally, fold it around the edges so that the fabric is held intact. If you have the dress that you wore on a particular occasion wherein you made the memory, recycle it and use it as a frame. For instance, if you still have your wedding dress, use it to frame your wedding picture! 

    Why should you try Fabrics in interior space?


    The very gist of interior designing is to bring character to your house. Following the ubiquitous decor ideas wouldn't make your house stand out from the rest. So why not go for something that is rare, but at the same time very effective. We have seen how fabrics blend well with furniture and lighting. In fact, it is safe to claim that they enhance the character of your house. To sum up:


    1. Use of fabrics in the interior space adds a dash of uniqueness and variety to your home decor
    1. Fabrics are cost-effective and offer replacement benefits.
    1. Fabrics in home decor are theme-based and quirky


    That being said, if you are looking for ways to diversify the use of your old clothes, then home decor is the way to go! Or else, if you require durability and robustness in your design, then you can always buy the fabric of your choice, and pursue any one of the four aforementioned DIY-projects for adding the character to your house.

    It's all about creativity, you don't have to spend a lot of money to have your house featured on the cover of a magazine. You just have to give it some time and effort!

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