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Gauze Fabric

Gauze Fabric

What is Gauze Fabric? It is a thin translucent, lightweight, loosely woven fabric. Gauze fabric weaving process is crossed with overlapping yarns, which makes it firm and durable. Gauze can be mad...

FabricGazar Fabric

Gazar Fabric

What is Gazar Fabric? Gazar fabric is also known as Gazaar.  It is made from silk or wool plain weave fabric. At many places it is also available as silk organza fabric. This fabric is a kind of s...

Chinchilla FabricChinchilla Fabric

Chinchilla Fabric

What is Chinchilla Fabric? Chinchilla cloth is a kind of thick, spongy woolen overcoat fabric that has a long nap and has been rubbed into a curly, nubby finish.  Wool or wool blends are used in ...

DuvetyneDuvetyne Fabric

Duvetyne Fabric

What is Duvetyne Fabric? Duvetyne fabric is also known as Molton and Rokel. It is a twill fabric with a matte finish. This fabric is made from sateen weave. Mostly it is dyed in black color. On...

China SilkChina Silk

China Silk

What is China Silk? The cocoons of silkworms are used to produce the luxurious fabric known as China silk.  The cultivation of silkworms and the weaving of silk have long been traditions practic...

Chamois FabricChamois Fabric

Chamois Fabric

What is Chamois Fabric? The chamois fabric has a simple weave, and its appearance and properties are quite similar to those of chamois leather.  However, Cotton fibers are used in the productio...