Why TENCEL Fabric is a Sustainable Choice?

Why TENCEL Fabric is a Sustainable Choice?

A rich amalgamation of softness & sustainability:

TENCEL® is a revolution in the category of cellulosic fabrics. This high-quality, eco-friendly fabric easily blends with cotton or linen to deliver a smooth finish.

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Let’s see how TENCEL finds its place from woods to wardrobes.

Like all viscose fabrics, TENCEL is also made from wood pulp, but its durability makes it unique. Raw material woods like eucalyptus and birch produce biodegradable fibres which are then dried, crimped and weaved into super-soft, absorbent fabric, TENCEL, THE SUSTAINABLE STAR. Imagine a silhouette, so soft that it feels like a dream not just for your skin but also a blessing in disguise for the environment.

Tencel, derived from wood pulp, is highly heat absorbent due to its rich water content. Not only does it offer double the moisture absorption of conventional cotton, but it's also antibacterial and gentle on the skin with its silky smooth fibre surface. 

                                                                                                                             Tencel fabric

However, every very thread comes with trials, Its intensive production process makes it a slightly costly affair, but the incredible benefits of Tencel far outweigh these challenges, and we'll delve further into its significance.


Sustainability is not just an initiative, it’s a commitment which starts right from fabric sourcing, to promoting the right choices. 

From uber-Indian designers to global labels, Tencel has caught the attention of fashion ambassadors around the globe, not only fast-fashion brands such as Zara and H&M but also luxury Indian designers like Satya Paul and global giants like Adidas and Levis are drawn to explore its possibilities

tencel designer collection


tencel fabric collection

 A ready-to-wear collection for Satya Paul by Rajesh Pratap Singh,  "THE MASTER'S WORDS" using caron-zero TENCEL fiber.    


global tencel fabric clothing


Mara Hoffman, a New York-based designer, recently launched an exemplary collection featuring dresses fully made from TENCEL fabrics. 


global clothing line



Let’s see what sparked their interest in Tencel! 

Revolutionizing Eco-fabrics: 

TENCEL is also a designer’s favourite in the sense that it offers a luxurious drape complemented by its environment-friendly nature. Often favoured for leisure wear, offering high-heat absorbency, and a subtle, flowy texture, TENCEL’S versatility spans from cushiony soft furnishings, and anti-bacterial medical garments to high-performing activewear. Truly, a masterpiece.

The two versions of TENCEL, Lyocell and Modal, each offer distinct qualities. Lyocell is renowned for its sustainable production process exhibiting high breathability and moisture-wicking abilities, whereas, Modal is preferred for its unparalleled flexibility and functionality, often used in drapey fabrics. 

Now that we know enough about TENCEL, let’s see how it compares with popular fabric players in the industry!


Cotton is conventionally cultivated, while TENCEL® comes from the woods, with minimum water wastage creating a win-win situation for fashion and flora. Moreover, Tencel wicks away moisture 50% more than cotton and is exceptionally breathable, not only that, it tops the smooth charts with its silky finish compared to even premium versions of cotton. 


Originating from a flax plant, linen exhibits a rough texture followed by a softer finish with each wash, while TENCEL extracted from biobased fibres, naturally has a smooth finish.


Well, all that shines is not always silk and Tencel proves this with its yet another set of golden qualities. The striking difference between these two silhouettes is their extraction-Silk is an opulent luxury, extracted from silkworms causing major environmental disparities while tencel is organically produced using a closed-loop approach which retains over 99.9% of the water used, an absolute saviour! However, what intrigues us is their shared resemblance, The luxurious silken beauty still enjoys a major share in the high-end fashion category whereas the supple, silk-like feel of tencel gives it an edge.

Talking about affordability, TENCEL generally falls into a higher price range compared to other eco-friendly fabrics; however is being widely adopted by boutiques and brands, both in pure forms and blended with cotton or linen, offering versatility.


The ever-growing fabric industry demands quick adaptation to trends in a hassle-free process from sourcing to showcasing. If you are a designer or a private label and are amazed by the sheer qualities of Tencel, look no further and get in touch with Fabriclore for all your fabric needs, under one roof. 

Crafting dreams of thousands of fashion businesses into reality, Fabriclore brings to you certified TENCEL fabric, available in, low MOQs, complete with curated mood boards and dedicated customer services. So, wait no more to roll out your next collection, with the essence of restoration, preservation and regeneration.

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