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Explore the Warmth of Quilted Fabric

Explore the Warmth of Quilted Fabric - Fabriclore

Power Quilts! - Quilted Fabrics

The quilt is quintessential in piecing together your next winter fashion trend! If the name doesn't ring any bells, maybe "Puffer Jacket" will paint an image in your mind as to how the fabric looks and feels. 

Mind you, there is a cult following for this layered fabric, and its application spans more than just a Puffer Jacket. However, in India, we had no freedom experimenting - considering the unavailability of the quilt as a fabric but only as a readymade garment. 

Artistic Freedom is important, and keeping that in mind, we are adding a brand new catalogue of Quilted Fabrics, not as a Trench Coat or as a Vest, but as a raw fabric so that you have all the freedom in the world to build something sassy! 

But wait! What exactly is a quilted fabric?

Quilted Fabric 

What many thought would end up as a fad, quickly turned out to be one of the most sought-after garments. To give you an idea, Quilted Jackets were trending on Google Trends even during the scorching heat of Summer. 

The essence of quilted fabric is its ability to piece together three separate layers of material, which collectively helps in amplifying the aesthetics and functionality.

The top or outer layer holds aesthetic importance as it is the one that is seen, and will shape the overall composition of your outfit. Usually, people prefer floral prints, denim, and striped prints - the material doesn't play an important role here. 

The bottom layer is soft and lightweight and is the one that makes contact with your body. There are many options here - but the most popular one is Minky. 

In between these two layers, a wadding or insulating material is sandwiched. When all layers are pieced together, often with a diamond pattern, you have a Quilted Fabric! 

Why Quilted Fabrics?

I Will keep this one short - Quilts are versatile in the sense, not only does it aid you during the harshest winter months, but it also helps you embellish it - Thanks to its layered build. 

Some other characteristics - insulting, lightweight, and waterproof. The qualities, however, do depend heavily on the material used. 


Although Quilted fabrics have profound importance in the realm of upholstery, accessories, and equestrian - the best way to flaunt the goodness of this fabric is to utilise it as a way of clothing. 


1. Jackets 

Needs no introduction whatsoever - the best and original method of quilt as an item of clothing is the puffer jacket. Often comes with a unique block-based design, but you can mix things up by opting for a lustrous colour blend - like peach and orange or go for a printed one & mix-match with your solid attire.

2. Vests 

While we don't have the harshest of winters to wear a Puffer Jacket, Vests are the perfect choice for the sub-continental winter we experience every year. Not necessarily bulky as the Puffer Jackets, but mild with options to choose from for embroidery. 

3. Gilets 

While Vests are a good match for casuals, when it comes to Kurtis and other traditional attires, Gilets are the best option. We have traditional hand block prints to modern digital prints in our inventory. Ethnic Winter Fashion can't get any better than this!

4. Skirts

If you haven't already seen one quilted skirt in a Zara or H&M store, then are you really keeping up with fashion trends? Quilted skirt makes up for a great fashion statement, be it any length. Pair any a fitted high neck sweater with mini skirt & long boots or a midi skirt with heeled boots & there you have it, a perfect winter look, which is both chic & keeps you warm.

5. Over the Top Runway

While runway fashion seems a little too elusive, some of us do not shy away from flaunting it. Several of the luxury & couture fashion labels have incorporated quilts in their collections often. So go all the way with power quilts & design an evening gown, pantsuit, dress or trousers.


Quilts are something that critics call a "Sleeper Hit". You should not sleep on it, nor should you be denying its prowess. With as much as 50 designs and the option to buy as little as 1 metre from our website, you can put creative side of your brain to either work on a grand full-scale attire or use it on your next DIY Project. Any which way, don't miss out on quilted fabrics!

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