The Perks of Tailor-made Clothes

The Perks of Tailor-made Clothes - Fabriclore

You must have had one such experience in your life when you were stunned by a person’s attire, the perfect fit & the gorgeous style, be it on your commute or an event you attended.

What if we told you, you could get something similar or even better, made perfectly to fit you? Custom-made clothing is made unique to a person, unlike the mass-produced ready-to-wear clothes in the market. The comfort and feel that comes from made to measure clothing cannot be rivalled by anything else!

Before you brush away the thought of tailor-made clothes with the false perception that investing in tailored outfits is expensive and not worth it, let us introduce you to all the perks of bespoke clothing, just read on!

1. Go Green for the environment

Ready-to-wear or prêt-à-porter garments are notorious for being a major culprit in excessive usage, and wastage of water.

These mass-produced garments are considered as ‘fast fashion’ and notably the most unsustainable way of producing clothing. Custom made clothing is on the opposite end of the spectrum and considered a more sustainable option.

Choosing locally made fabrics, getting a garment made from a friendly neighbourhood tailor, all account for reducing the carbon footprint of your clothing. Go green and go slow!

2. Shop local, wear global!

India is one of the countries where every state has its own traditional garment which fits the weather condition and the fabric is also produced locally. Be it the light Pochampally cotton or the soft silks in Andhra to combat the heat, the light yet cosy pashmina of Kashmir to the Lepcha fabric of Sikkim, & a countless more.

So why not flaunt an unparalleled charm of your native place?

Moreover, when we shop for local fabrics, we support our local artisans who are trained for their craft through generations. Who wouldn’t love a bit of history to be woven into their garments?

3. The perfect fit

Personalized clothing is tailored to fit you and only you. It is made considering your height, weight, posture, styling choices, your choice of fabric & everything else with only your preference.

Readymade clothing, on the other hand, can’t match the fit, quality, and the satisfaction of having a suit, blouse or shirt made just for you. The best hack to look expensive and elegant without burning a hole through your pocket is to wear impeccably tailored clothes. We guarantee your confidence and style points to shoot through the roof!

4. Quality control

Hands up if you’ve loved playing dress-up in your mother’s or grandmother’s clothes as a kid! If you’ve ever had articles of clothing passed down from your mother and grandmother, the first thought would be ‘Wow, it has lasted so long” other than the amazing style sensibilities. The biggest advantage of designing your own clothing is that we, the consumers have complete control over the raw materials, from material to the final product.


So, say goodbye to questionable cotton-polyester-mixed plastic-y clothing! Opt for pure cotton and linen based garments for summery, casual clothes, and heavier fabrics like velvet and pure silk to add an extra oomph to your party-wear

5. Channel your inner Coco Chanel

Often, ready-to-wear and branded clothes are designed keeping in mind the trends at the moment. Some international brands also release clothing based on the season. However, what does one do in a country like India where the seasons don’t follow the western calendar? And those who prefer classic designs or love their own unique personal style? The answer is custom made clothing!

Even if we aren’t artistically inclined, we all have a certain aesthetic or style that we find pleasing. Made-to-order clothing gives us the freedom to play designer, with every aspect from the fabric, color, to silhouette, embellishments, & everything else. It is easy to find patterns and styles to your liking through magazines, TV shows, movies, or even online, you never know when inspiration can strike! All you have to do is find a tailor, and just get started. 

Also, sewing on your own is fun, checkout our sewing series to get started.

6. Cost-effective

While mass-produced, ready to wear fashion is often cheaper, there is a dark truth behind the reason for their unbelievably low prices.

The environmental and social cost of production is extreme when we take into account that the fast fashion industry is one of the biggest polluters on earth and a workforce that is paid an unimaginable low wage for their work.

Clothes that are tailored especially for you, as mentioned before, are more durable and last longer than the average ready-made article of clothing. They do end up costing a bit more than your average supermarket t-shirt, but it helps your pockets in the long run, as there is no longer a need to replace clothes often.

Fortunately, in our country tailoring costs are not exorbitant as of now, so we suggest becoming best friends with your neighbourhood tailor & fuel your inner fashionista!

We’ve been taught that slow and steady wins the race, and the same applies to choose our clothes as well, opt for slow fashion! That was 6 reasons we found for you to choose custom made clothing over off-the-rack garments to transform your wardrobe into a sustainable and exclusive version. Do let us know if we’ve missed any in the comments!


Want some fabrics to start right away? Check out New Arrivals to stay in trend with different fabrics like Cotton, Silks, Rayon & Sustainable fabrics as well to fit your style.

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I am a big fan of Fabriclore.I made dress for me and my 2 daughters. Good quality meterial.



Really I am a personalized tailored dress lover and now I am using fabriclore materials for the same. I am a fan of your materials and they are of very good quality.

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