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UAE National Day 2022

UAE National Day 2022

The National Day of the United Arab Emirates is celebrated on December 2. National Day festivities in the United Arab Emirates have begun, with Union spirit being honored in each of the seven Emira...

FabricThe Future of UAE Fashion Brands

The Future of UAE Fashion Brands

Whether you're considering taking a trip to Dubai soon, you may be interested in some retail therapy and wondering if the prices of luxury goods are lower there. Discover all you need to know right...

FabricWhat Is Jilbab And What Are The Things To Consider While Buying It

What Is Jilbab And What Are The Things To Consider While Buying It

Wearing a Jilbab is an option for some Muslim women. They choose to cover their heads in accordance with Islamic customs in order to maintain their modesty. The jilbab is a symbol of empowerment an...

FabricSustainable Clothing Brands In UAE

Sustainable Clothing Brands In UAE

When you dress well, you feel a surge of self-assurance that you didn't know you needed. They help display the world your unique qualities and provide them a glimpse into your character. But what i...