Victoria Beckham Debut In Paris Fashion Week

Victoria Beckham Debut In Paris Fashion Week

On Friday night at Paris Fashion Week, Victoria Beckham showed her debut collection to the world. Even though she has collections scheduled for New York and London, the ex-member of the girl group Posh Spice has made her way across the English Channel to unveil her Spring/Summer 2023 collection.

What we liked the most was the Tassel Handbag, with its dangling tassels, which definitely accompany many dresses. And, there are three different sizes to choose from! It may first seem like a cute little hairy pet, but upon closer look, you'll find a stylish and functional purse that any woman is sure to like.


Ofcourse you must be thinking how? So and let’s not wait and scroll down to know more!

Victoria Beckham

The fashion world finally gets to see Victoria Beckham, who debuted at Paris Fashion Week.

Victoria Beckham and her design team want us to understand that the beauty we saw on the catwalk was not accidental. There was a plan behind the arrangements and cuts; in short, they wanted us to know that they were telling a story with their clothes. Exploring and understanding all of this takes time. The team achieved their goal of sensuality through careful consideration of the color palette, fabric choice, construction method, and inclusion of complementary accessories.

Victoria Beckham

In the liner notes, Beckham writes that the clothing is embraced as an expression of femininity and being biased and spiral cutting explores a tenderness, a power conveyed via delicacy. The garments are also deconstructed in the same way that a suit is, with sections being ripped away to reveal the inner canvassed structure of the components and the body itself. Reducing a piece's size might completely change its meaning; something traditionally masculine could become traditionally female with only a few snips.

Secret Behind The Collection

Victoria Beckham's aesthetic was characterized by the use of an empowering and exaggerated color palette of sorbet pastels, including lilac, light pink, powder blue, Tuileries laurel, terracotta, red, and geometric white and black.

This method is easy to understand and yet quite thorough. Spiral bias-cutting allowed for the creation of ruffles that were then employed to emphasize the tier lines of deconstructed dresses with a lingerie feel, as claimed by the brand. Circular cutting was used to increase the overall size. Additionally, whole outfits were printed using "bonding and over-printing" techniques. Canvas-backed gentlemen's tailoring was "x-rayed" by cutaway panels to honor the craft."

You can tell it's a Victoria Beckham dress if it has a tailored coat or blazer, a slip dress, a translucent orange trouser suit, a blouse with an interesting shape paired with a skirt that reveals a little midriff, loose-fitting pants, a dress that drapes nicely off the body, tassels, or a keyhole.

Secret Behind the Collection

The company used a wide range of fabrics to tell this alluring story, from contour mesh for tailoring to the brand's signature Victoria Beckham lace to latex undergarments for gloves and stockings to bonded wools with sliced details to georgette, chiffon, silk jersey, and satin to crepe de chine, cotton, and denim.

She hadn't been shown publicly in three years, so the fact that she was exposed in the Val-de-Grâce Church an ominous aria from Madame Butterfly just added to the anticipation. After so many challenges, the brand ofcourse needed the infusion of new ideas and energy that comes with working with a new creative team. With a new storefront, a new collection, and ten years under her belt, Victoria Beckham seems to be back on top with a buzzing collection. 


Is Victoria Beckham's clothing line successful?

After so many hurdles the clothing line seems to be buzzing back on the top with its latest collection in Paris Fashion Week.

When did Victoria Beckham start her fashion line?

In 2008, Victoria Beckham launched her eponymous fashion company. Her natural progression from designer muse to Creative Director of her own company was fueled by a lifelong fascination with fashion, a natural, painstaking attention to detail, and an unmistakable capacity to inspire.

Is Victoria Beckham really a fashion designer?

Earlier Victoria Beckham was a singer and a television personality but later in 2008 she opened her own clothing line and became a fashion designer. 


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