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Are you starting out sewing or just looking for 100th inspiration for your next project? Or may be you are just a curious head who wants to explore fabric crafts. Well you have come to the right place. Here are some inspiration for you all..

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Small Techniques for Sewing Clothing

In this quick blog learn 15 + techniques of sewing which includes Inter facing, Hemming, sewing a shank button, under stitching and much more

Dressmaking Tips & Tricks for home clothes

A step by step guide for beginners. Sharing sewing tips which should not be missed– if followed strictly, they can make your sewing top notch

Learn How to Sew and Make Your Own Clothes

A youtube channel with various videos on how to sew different clothing and their detailed patterns.

Fabriclore Sewing Journal

A collaborative blog series to give you a headstart on sewing your own garments.

Learn How to use the Sewing Machine

Blog for beginners on how to get started with sewing, things required and how to use a sewing machine.

Beginners Sewing Projects

If you are planning to start sewing for long now, but don't know where to start from? Here's some easy project ideas for begineers to get you started

Sewing project- sewing a Black Dress

A detailed blog to give you a roadmap on how to sew a dress step-by-step. Dive to know what is needed to what will be the outcome.

Types of Stitches

A beginner friendly blog to get you started with sewing by hand and different types of stitches

Sewing a Button step-by-step

Did you break your button and do not know how to fix it? Here is a blog teaching you step by step how to sew a button

Tools of Sewing

Beginner friendly blog on tools of sewing

Want to get started with sewing but don't know the tools? Dive in the blog for knowledge of 22 different sewing tools.

Insight on different types of needles

If you were planning to start sewing, here is a blog about different types of needles for sewing machine and sewing by hand.

Types of threads and their selection for embroidery

A blog you should read if you love hand embroidery, know about different types of embroidery threads and how you can choose the right one for your project

Working of sewing machine and ways to use it

A short blog to tell you about the working of a sewing machine and the best way you can use it for your first sewing project

Best Seam Rippers

After a sewing project of you have to unsew (take out the stitches) it, this blog will tell about seam rippers and how to know the perfect one for you

How to use a Thimble

Ever wondered how to use Thimble while sewing? Here's a video demonstrating the right way to use a thimble

Basics of Needle

This tutorial will help you understand difference between different needles, their sizes and how to use them.

Understand your Sewing Machine (Hindi)

An easy to understand sewing machine tutorial. If you are new to sewing, this video is perfect for you.

How to use Tracing Wheel

Ever wondererd what is Tracing Wheel used for? This is a method of transferring sewing pattern information. Know more about it in this quick video


Cardigan sewing Pattern

Here is a blog that gives you sewing pattern of a long cardigan to make the sewing easy for you

Beach dress sewing pattern

Blog to give you sewing pattern of an easy and comfy beach dress.

How to Sew a Jeans Top with sewing patterns

Beginner friendly blog on sewing a jean top with detailed sewing patterns.

Straight Pants Sewing Pattern

Step-by-step guide to sew straight pants and it's sewing pattern

Sewing patterns of Accessories

It is a complete website that provides sewing patterns of not just different clothing items but all kind of accessories you are looking for

Sewing Patterns of Different Clothing

It's not just a blog but a full website that consists of sewing patterns of various clothings for women.

Free Sewing Patterns for Women Clothing

It works like a shopping website and gives you free patterns of dresses,T-shirts, skirts and more

Free Sewing Pattern for Dresses

Were you looking to make a new dress? If yes, we are here to help. This website consists of various free sewing patterns for dresses in PDF formats

Frock for young girls and babies

Now you can make a pretty A-line frock for your little ones with ease, as this blog guides you step-by-step on how to

DIY Pincushion pattern

A step-by-step YouTube video guiding you can make a Pincushion with it's pattern

How to understand a sewing pattern

A video for beginners teaching how to understand, read and follow a sewing pattern