Christmas Giveaway Terms & Conditions

 The following terms and conditions apply to the #CapYourFriend giveaway contest:
  1. Along with the orders placed between 17th-25th December 2017, our customers will receive a Christmas Cap, which is the main component of the Fabriclore Christmas Giveaway. Following are the guidelines to GET A CHANCE TO WIN A HUGE FABRICLORE GIFT HAMPER:
  2. Take the Christmas Cap received and take a picture with your loved ones with the Cap showing in the picture, and upload this image on your personal Facebook and/or Instagram accounts
  3. Tag and share with 3 other friends to make them win too, ‘cause we won’t have just 1 winner!
  4. Make sure you use #CapYourFriend in the caption of the image, *tag and follow @fabriclore page on Facebook*, and *@fabriclore_estore on Instagram*
  5. Be a Christmas Angel and Share these guidelines as a part of your post!
- Winners shall be announced by 1st January 2018, on our Facebook and Instagram posts, because we want you winning in the new year! You stand to *win*:
  • A piece of beautiful, crafty Patchwork (You’ve seen these on our Facebook/Instagram/Whatsapp!)
  • Set of 5 Handcrafted Cushion Covers.
  • 1 pair of Fabric-made Earrings
  • 1 Indigo Fabric Handcrafted Neckpiece
- Entries can be sent in *till 29th December 2017 only*.
- Enough reading! Now go clicking!!