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Creating Novel Fusions in Fabrics.

Get a taste of diverse flavour in fabrics, prints & collections like none other
Fusion of Printing Techniques & Materials

The fusion of traditional & modern printing methods carried forward by artisans across India. Fabriclore recognizes the unique cultural heritage in a form of textile craft and bring out Fusion of Material & Crafts

Handblock on Denim Fabric
Bagh Print on Banana Cotton Fabric
Marble Print on Viscose Organza
Akola on Corduroy Fabric
Jhag ajrak on Viscose Velvet
Tie & Dye on Dobby Rayon
Fabriclore Hallmarks

Fabriclore also brings featured collections with unique composition of ideas & aesthetics while inheriting traditions. From the impression of flora to essence of candy we bring variety of collections

πŸ™Ά Sugar rush pastels Tie & dye on Rayon dobby
πŸ™Ά Bohemian aesthetic printed in patches.
πŸ™Ά Hand-pressed petals, crafting exquisite patterns.
πŸ™Ά Modern design inspired by folklores.
πŸ™Ά Imported attention grabbing fabrics.
πŸ™Ά Black & white with everything grey in middle.
πŸ™Ά Authentic hue of pink.
πŸ™Ά Tie & dye on exotic Corduroy fabric,
πŸ™Ά Inspired by blooming flowers & bright sunshine.

Create your earnest curations where fusion are rooted out & brought to life by our textile experts. Your ideation our creation.

Jacquard Tussar Silk
Cotton Silk Patch Work
Digital Print Kantha
kota Doria
Embroiderd Net Fabric
Tussar Madhubani Print

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