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What is Cotton Silk?

  • Cotton Silk fabric is a hybrid kind of fabric that is made from cotton and silk. 
  • Even though it does not belong to any particular fabric culture, it is still widely accepted by people across the globe. 
  • It comprises the positive characteristics of each fiber.
  • The fabric is lightweight and has a comfy weaving texture. 
Cotton Silk


  • Due to the limitation in the number of fibers in the 1800s, people attempted to develop a hybrid kind of fabric. 
  • Hence, manufacturers focus on applying the positive characteristics of every fiber and creating a new fiber. 
  • After so many experiments various hybrid fabrics were created, among them was Cot-silk fabric which became the most popular. 
Cotton Silk Fabric

What Makes it Stand Out


Cotton-Silk fabric is soft in feel and shiny in appearance


It caresses the skin and gives a lot of comfort.

Weather Suitable

Due to the combination of two fibers, the fabric is suitable for hot as well as cold days.


Cotton-Silk is a lightweight and highly breathable fabric.

Applications / Usage


Shirts, dresses, etc.


Scarves, stoles, etc.


Cushion covers, curtains, etc.

Care Instructions

  • Cotton silk fabric is easy to maintain.
  • It can easily be washed in a machine with hot water.
  • Do not apply chlorine bleach as they are too alkaline and can damage the fabric.
  • Do not rub the fabric when it is wet as it can harm the fibers. 
  • You can even dry the fabric. 
  • Dry the fabric away from direct sunlight, drying in sunlight can result in discoloration.  
  • Iron the fabric only in silk mode. 
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