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What is Kashmir Silk Fabric?

  • Kashmiri silk is a natural protein fiber that may be woven into textiles in various forms.
  • Silk is a protein fiber consisting primarily of fibroin that is generated by some insect larvae to construct cocoons. J&K is the sole state that produces high-quality Bivoltile silk.
  • Kashmiri silk weaving and printing are not often practiced in the region. However, cocoon rearing is done on a big scale here, which results in the highest quality silk.
  • One of the main activities of the inhabitants of Kashmir is the production of cocoons.
Kashmir Silk Fabric


  • The British funded the establishment of Kashmir's first silk reeling plant at Solina, Srinagar, in 1897.
  • Rajbagh saw the establishment of a silk-weaving industry in 1937. 
  • By 1961-62, the state's silk output had increased to roughly 98,000 kg.
  • Silk has been manufactured in an organized manner and shipped to the United Kingdom since the 1890s.

Kashmir Silk Fabric online

What Makes it Stand Out?


Kashmir fibers are very fine and delicate


It gives a good drape to the outfit






Kashmir silk fabric is a natural fiber known for its extremely soft feel and insulating properties.


The fabric is significantly warmer and lighter than sheep's wool and is somewhat similar.

Application and Uses


Sweaters, dresses, shirts, blazers, etc


Hats, scarves, thermal gear, etc. 

Care Instructions

  • It is recommended to only dry clean the fabric.
  • Avoid putting the fabric in direct sunlight.
  • Always iron on the silk setting.
Kashmir Silk Fabric
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