Melton Fabric

Melton Fabric

What is Melton Fabric? 

  • Melton Fabric is a kind of tightly woven, woolen fabric that is severely milled and has a nap that is lifted to make a short, thick pile. 
  • The cloth gets its name from the nearby town of Melton Mowbray. 
  • Because it has the same degree of thickness and feels like boiled wool, it is difficult to distinguish between the two. 
  • Due to its high density, wind resistance, and warmth, this woolen fabric has a long history of being used in the military for the production of jackets, waistcoats, and pants in colder climes. 
  • Melton is a well-known dressmaking fabric that is often used in the production of coats and jackets with a greater weight.
What is Melton Fabric?


  • Melton wool was initially manufactured in the town of Melton Mowbray, which is located in Leicestershire. 
  • It is a very modest town in the east midlands and was at one point the epicenter of fox-hunting and other outdoor activities on a national scale. 
  • Melton wool, because of its water-repellent and windproof properties, was the perfect material for use in the production of hunting coats, such as the classic red and black fox hunting jacket.
  • Melton Mowbray and the districts immediately around it developed became a center for the production of wool, and the formula for Melton wool quickly became popular across the British Isles. 
  • However, the fabric came to be known as Melton wool, and to this day, the name of that sleepy little town continues to be associated with one of the most resilient materials available.

What Makes it Stand Out


It has a napped and shredded appearance.


The fabric has a great amount of durability and weatherproof properties


Melton has a little luster and is soft to the touch. 

Applications & Usage 


Coats, jackets, shirts, peacoats, etc.

Home furnishing

Cushion covers, curtains, blankets, etc.



Care Instructions 

  • Wash the fabric before using it.
  •  Use a washing machine and liquid detergent to wash the fabric.
  • Do not wring the fabric
  • Dry under sunlight.
Care Instructions

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