Sorona fabric

Sorona fabric

What is Sorona fabric?

  • Sorona fiber is an innovative form of polyester that was commercialized by DuPont and has been very successful since its introduction. 
  • It combines the suppleness of nylon with the bulkiness of acrylic and the stain resistance that polyester possesses, as well as its intrinsic elasticity. 
  • As a result of its combination of the outstanding wearability advantages of a number of different fibers, sorona has emerged as a new broad category of fibers that are suitable for a diverse range of applications. What-is-Sorona-fabric


  • The unique bio-based monomer Bio-PDO served as the foundation for the creation of the polymer known as Sorona, which was developed by DuPont in the late 1990s. 
  • The collection of feedstock and the extraction of glucose from the plants that are used in the manufacture of DuPont Sorona is the first step in the process. 
  • Following this step, proprietary microorganisms are introduced into the sugar fermentation process in order to produce Bio-PDO. 
  • The addition of TPA (terephthalic acid) to the monomer results in the creation of Sorona polymer.
  • This provides spinners, mills, merchants, and customers with a high-quality, eco-efficient product that, according to DuPont.History

What makes it stand out


Due to its fiber content, sorona fabric is extremely soft in touch.


The molecular configuration in the fabric makes sorona clothing easy to stretch.

Application and usage


Shirt, pants, dresses, gowns, etc.

Home furnishing

Carpet, cushion covers, etc.

Care instructions

  • You can either wash the sorona fabric by hand or in a washing machine.
  • Tumble dry or under direct sunlight.Care-Instructions

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