Now Buy Fabric Online From The Country's First E-Commerce Platform For Cloth

Now Buy Fabric Online From The Country's First E-Commerce Platform For Cloth


Now buy fabric online from the country's first e-commerce platform for cloth

By The Meter

Fabriclore is the first ever e-commerce platform for fabrics of all kinds. The word means stories of fabric and has been launched by Vijay Sharma, Anupam Arya and Sandeep Sharma, who have experience in diverse industries.

Fabriclore is about assembling a complete ecosystem of designers, private labels, fabric manufacturers and artisans and connecting them directly with the consumers.

From Kalamkari to ikats, you can find all kinds of materials sold by the meter.India is among the world's largest producers of textiles, yet the industry is a largely unorganized sector. Bringing crafts with authenticity on fabrics made from natural fibers is the brand's core pursuit.

They have created some interesting fabrics such as corduroy and Akola, velvet and Ajrakh, banana fiber and Bagh prints. Besides diversifying the crafts, Fabriclore pushes boundaries for artisans to continue their legacy.

From creating the perfect blend of versatile crafts and contemporary fabrics to a modern buying experience, the brand is envisioning a textile industry that is both organized, yet connected with our rich heritage.

Likewise, to quench the thirst for innovation and making crafts a part of life, there is also a range of handcrafted home furnishing, stationery and accessories. MALLIHA

Prices: Rs 249 a meter onwards


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