5 Things You Can Do With Crepe

5 Things You Can Do With Crepe - Fabriclore

The crispy crimped feel of Crepe and its soft touch and feel makes this fabric well suited for an infinite range of chic fusion and customizations. 

Blessed with a graceful fall, this fabric is absorbent in nature, making it an ideal pick for all seasons. 

The gauzy texture achieved through interlacement of highly twisted yarns and the puckered surface gives an enthrallingly efficacious finish to every outfit designed.


Tailor these quirky crepe cuts and flares to match your own taste and style. The alluring fall of crepe and the vibrant prints and shades go well with the overall global feel of modern-day designs. 

From maxis to ruffles, high-lows to skater dresses, take cues from these awe-inspiring dresses and create your own!



If you have a thing for florals, get hold of some floral crepes and make your own! From halters to wrap tops, side knots to spaghettis, the pebbly yet rich texture of the fabric well matches the effervescent floral designs. 

You can team them with a pair of boyfriend jeans, cigarette pants, or simply with a slit or circle skirt.



Make a hit with these snug-fit crepe pants! While the solid crepe pants go well with tanks, pair the printed pants with halters, or wrap tops; and for shoes - flats or peep toes, whatever suits you the best! 

Whether it is basic on top and quirky at the bottom or vice versa, these outfits are a perfect pick for daylight occasions.



These fancy crepe weaves can be curated into an array of garish curly flares. Be it a flowy floor-skimming skirts or high lows, midi panel skirt or A-lines, a basic crop top or tanks and some tassel jewels are all you need to achieve that boho-chic look! 

Team your gipsy look with a pair of strappy sandals or kitten heels.



Scarves literally go with anything and everything. The fluid curly nature of crepe makes it perfect for designing this kind of add-on. 

You can paint the crepe scarves in a wide pool of lively color hues and patterns. The lightweight and softness of the fabric make it compatible for designing such summary scarves.


Style diaries

 Aparshakti Khurana 

For the new collection of Pawan Sachdeva’s ‘MenVerse’, Aparshakti Khurana turned into a showstopper!

The collection comprises athletic vibes catered to the sartorial needs of the New Age male. Each garment is designed to appeal to people who are free-spirited and expressive as the designer who plays with simple fabrics like cotton, crepe lycra, and knits for effortlessly styled looks.

 Aparshakti Khurana

Galaxies 2022

Sejal Kamdar’s ‘Galaxies 2022’ was minimal with earthy aesthetics rooted in the Indian ethos. 

Structured peplums, well-tailored jackets, flexible slacks, modern lehengas, jumpsuits, and draped sculpted gowns were added to give classic conventional silhouettes an inventive creative push.

Sejal Kamdar’s

Natural crêpe, crêpe georgette, Mashru silk, and organza performed a great fashion medley, matching the airy theme. Sejal added eye-catching decorations such as metal detailing, and crystal beads, giving a finished appearance with beading to create a delicate gloss. Colors included crème, off-white, cobalt blue, and red to create a colorful shade card. The extremely elegant Divya Khosla Kumar closed the show in khaki-embroidered, paneled lehenga, exquisite choli, and richly adorned poncho.

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