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Lightweight, sheer textured, dull-finished, and a beautiful flowy look, this is the beauty of Georgette fabric!

Woven from alternating the S and Z twisted yarns, both in warp and weft, the royalty of this fabric depicts the gorgeous drape and translucent appearance that was adored by ladies of aristocratic families in the early 19th century.

It was even considered a symbol of royalty because of its beautiful drape. And even now, it is still the first choice for designing heavy embroidered evening gowns and saris.

One thing which makes this fabric attractive is its highly absorbent nature, which makes it easy to dye. Because of the easy tie-and-dye possible on Georgette, it is available in thousands of prints and colors.

The Shibori technique is often practiced on georgette fabric. Indigo-inspired Shibori tie-and-dye outfits made of georgette are so much in vogue that all high-street designers are playing with them.

Georgette Fabric

Georgette made from silk is still the most expensive kind of Georgette available today and is popular as what we may have heard often called Pure Georgette. But because there are so many new fabrics coming out all the time, Georgette is often mixed with other fabrics to make cheaper versions.

One of the most extensively used georgettes is polyester georgette. Most small boutiques and brands use this polyester georgette in designing dresses. The difference cannot be seen with the naked eye. It can only be felt by touching the texture, as pure georgette is much softer.

The Origin of Georgette Fabric

Unlike other traditional hand-made fabrics, georgette is a very new fabric, introduced in the early 19th century by French designer Madame Georgette de la Plante. In fact, this fabric is named after this French dress-maker alone. This fabric's inspiration comes from a similar fabric, Chiffon, which is more durable. As compared to chiffon, which is a very transparent fabric, georgette is much more opaque and translucent.

Georgette Fabric

Different Types of Georgette Fabric

Georgette was initially used for layering alone, but designers have constantly innovated and have brought its usage across a wide spectrum of modern designer wear and even in home décor applications.

Let’s take a look at some of the easy-to-find varieties of Georgette:

Georgette Style Inspirations

Georgette has really come of age with stunning adaptations in all kinds of contemporary outfits like blouses, saris, Anarkali suits, shirts, skirts, lehengas, and even kurtas are designed with Georgette fabrics.

Take a look at some of the style diaries of Georgette fabric.

Anita Dongre’s Georgette Collection 2022

Anita Dongre's latest summer collection is based on her trips through the Himalayas, where she saw the winding paths and flower-covered slopes.

The new collection by the designer is called "A Wildflower In Love," and it was inspired by the untamed florets that grow freely and wild on the range. The collection features a selection of lehengas, skirt and top sets, sharara and kurta sets, jacket sets, and ready-to-wear sarees, all of which have elaborate details but are still lightweight and sustainable. This easy-to-wear design is made up of intricate embroidery of Indian wildflowers and the flowing beauty of eco-friendly georgette fabric.

Georgette Fabric Suppliers

Bollywood Diary

Here is Shruti Hansen, a famous Bollywood actress, who accessorized her look by wearing a traditional black georgette saree with heavy gold plated earrings and a heavy gold and silver combo choker. To finish off her look, she kept her hair open and curled it a few times. How could her look be forgotten when she wore such bold red lipstick, right?

Georgette Fabric Manufacturers

Georgette for Home Décor

Because home décor is something we don’t usually experiment with, that is the reason most of us would be unaware of how one fabric can make your home décor look alluring. Now that you know how versatile and splendid georgette is, why not play around with different hues of georgette fabrics to decorate your home.

Take a look at some of the home décor ideas with Georgette fabric. The complete ten-piece bed set is made out of georgette fabric. And it looks so gorgeous.

Because georgette can be easily dyed in so many colors, which is the reason it is also used for designing cushion covers, though embroidery has to be done very carefully on georgette fabric, when done, it looks enticing.

It is true that Georgette is a high-maintenance fabric, but as it is said, every good thing in this world requires some hard work. And a fabric as beautiful as georgette with never-ending possibilities is definitely worth it.

Georgette Fabric Online

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