Must-Have Shades & Patterns in Your Wardrobe this Winter Season 2018-19

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Winter can get a little gloomy and get you in a rut, but fashion can always brighten a foggy winter morning. After all, the chilly winter breeze can’t stave you off from looking your best! Right from the International Autumn Winter Collection 2018 to Bollywood fad, keeping their winter game strong, there is a lot to catch below:

Animal Prints

 This fall fashion runway flooded with good old animal prints, do not imply that they ever left the scene, but are back in full swing. Models walked the most prestigious international runways all clad in wild stripes and spots synonymous with the fauna of all kind. Head to toe animal print appears to be the new trend! You can also opt for a subtler look by choosing just one article of clothing in animal print like Bollywood stunners Sonam Kapoor & Priyanka Chopra!


Winter fashion cannot be spelt without the mention of the classic leather. Having been a fashion staple since the invention of time itself, it has again been revived this year by big names like Givenchy, Miu Miu, Alexander McQueen and more. While Priyanka Chopra Jonas knows how to slay even in a casual leather jacket, Kriti Sanon is rising the temperature with a chic leather off-shoulder top and pants as she poses for papparazi. You can start by something small like a leather jacket and go big as a chic leather dress and boots.


Capes are a good way to fend off the chilly winter winds & the Fall trends completely side with! Capes are hence one of the most fashionable clothing of the year. Designers put out an extravagant display of capes of all kinds of crafts- floral foil work, knitted, quilted, fur and a few neutral classics with elaborate hemlines. You can take a more desi route by pairing your cape coat with a solid saree or a bodycon dress.


Silver has taken a back seat in the past couple of years, but the designers weren’t having that anymore as they unleashed an arsenal of silver ammunition for us fashion fanatics. The collective, display holographic ensembles with a contrast of muted classy silver silhouettes. A few silver jackets and dresses of all lengths can be spotted as well. You can spruce-up this wedding season with a traditional twist to the all silver trend by going for a saree or ethnic embellished dress.


Jazz up with the vintage wave of tweeds that has hit the international runways this fall. Tweeds were a popular dressing choice for men back in the days, but times have changed and so has tweed. It has successfully and fashionably taken the shape of women ensembles like dresses, skirts, so on and so forth.

Rust and chestnuts

Rust is not too hot of a color until the fashion Gods decided that it is this fall. The runways are swarmed with tones and renditions of this rare shade. An array of overcoats, dresses and themed outfits by A-listers like Christian Dior and Louis Vuitton are vouching for these tones too!


No, we are not suggesting that you pull out your school uniforms, but slender your pleats are, the more air of sophistication you radiate through your outfits. The trend masters have produced some of the best outfits with pleated skirts, pants as well as ethereal floor-skimming dresses to woo the audiences. Getting a pleated skirt in a bunch of different contemporary fabrics can really bring a variety to your winter wardrobe.


Talking about winters? Silks are sure to follow! Along with swearing by your favourite Silk sarees, don’t forget to catch the asymmetrical flowy silk silhouettes that are jazzing up the ramp this season. A rather colorful display of silks was spotted on the runways in form of other-worldly dresses, jumpsuits and poncho style shirts. You can also experiment with the different kinds of silks like Tussar, Mashru, Banarasi and more and weave your own Design Stories.


Layers and temperature share an inverse relationship! With layers of clothes increasing with the dipping temperature, it is critical we don’t end up looking like a walking wardrobe. To keep it stylish yet be all cozy is the key and designers know exactly how to do that! We’re talking coats overcoats, fur, leather, all that works! Layering your trench coat with some pullovers and throwing on a pair of sneakers and a chic stole, will give you that cool but sophisticated vibe.


Velvet being an inherently thick fabric is a fashion must for winters. It packs so much luxury in every garment that it should be your designated party wear it gets nippy. The versatility of velvet will allow you to shape it in a scandalous nightgown as well as an elegant saree.Zardozi, Dabka or colorful threadwork on velvet looks ethereal when shaped into a lehenga, jacket or Anarkali-gown!

Now that we have taken a walk down all the winter trends, we’ll let you go and get a head start on your winter shopping. If you feel like reuniting with your desi roots this winter, then make sure to hop on to our website: Happy holidays!

Authored By: Sunidhi Gaur

Banner Source:, Amazon India Fashion Week ( Sanjay Garg),

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