Bedford Cord Fabric

Bedford Cord Fabric

Bedford Cord fabric

What is Bedford Cord Fabric? 

  • A textured cloth made of vertical cords is called bedford cord fabric.
  • Cotton and wool yarn is often used to make Bedford cord.
  • The design produces a textured surface with elevated cords by combining "stuffer" yarns with the weave structure.
Bedford Cord Fabric


  • It was made in Britain around the 14th century by Flemish weavers.
  • Later, the Duke of Bedford of Southern England employed this fabric in the late 15th century.
  • Due to the name of the town where it was first produced, this became known as the Bedford Cord.
Bedford Cord Fabric

What Makes it Stand Out


Bedford cord fabric is durable and long lasting. 


With tiny recessed lines in between, this weave creates the cloth's longitudinal warp lines.


Bedford cable has a built-in resistance to wrinkling.

Application And Usage 


Formal wear, pants and trousers, sports wear.

Home Furnishing 

Curtains, upholstery and 

Care Instruction 

  • Bedford cable is simple to maintain and clean.
  • To accomplish the description, wash this cloth with a reputable detergent on the regular cycle with hot water.
  • Bedford cord material requires dry cleaning. Dry clothes on hangers.
  • Use medium heat settings to iron the cloth while it is facing the incorrect way.
Bedford Cord Fabric

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