Birdseye Pique Fabric

Birdseye Pique Fabric

Birdseye Pique Fabric

What is Birdseye Pique Fabric

  • Birdseye pique fabric is a cotton fabric made on a dobby loom, which results in a small, repetitive woven pattern.
  • This pattern resembles diamond or more commonly thought, the eye of a bird. 
  • This fabric is named because of its surface pattern or complex design that may look like tiny polka dots.
Birdseye Pique Fabric


  • The history birdseye pique fabric dated back to the 18th century,
  • This fabric was developed by north’s Lancashire fabric industry weaving double cloth with an enclosed cording weft.
  • During the 20th century, this material became major material for men's fashion.
Birdseye Pique Fabric

What Makes it Stand Out

Resist wrinkle 

Bird's eye cloth is strong and doesn't wrinkle easily.

Subtle pattern 

This fabric has a modest pattern and texture comes from the elevated parallel cords.


This material tends to be breathable and lightweight.

Application And Usage 


Men’s shirt, formal suit, sports t-shirt etc.

Home furnishing 

Curtains, beddings

Care Instruction 

  • Birdseye pique fabric can be maintained with suit brush and a steamer,
  • Use a hanger to avoid stretch on suit which is significant for its longevity,
  • Birdseye pique fabric can be cleaned at spot if necessary to avoid dry cleaning again and again. 
Birdseye Pique Fabric

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