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What is Cotton Pique Fabric?

  • Pique is a kind of cotton knit fabric that is known for its durability and is covered with a finely textured design. 
  • The cross-tuck knit structure makes the fabric look like cells, giving it a unique and understated texture.
  • Pique is also the name of a kind of woven fabric that has a pattern of very small, rough squares all over it, giving it the appearance of being quilted. 
  • It is a legacy fabric that is difficult to get in modern times, although it is still used in some specialized items such as cloth diapers.
  • Cotton pique is present in cord structures like honeymoon, and birdseye piques.
Cotton Pique


  • The roots of pique often referred to as Marcella, may be traced back to the 18th century.
  • Fabric was woven using a mechanized process of weaving double cloth with an enclosed cord weft. 
  • It was made by people who worked in the cotton industry in Lancashire, which is in the north of the UK.
  • Pique was first employed to create counterfeit pieces of the corded Provencal quilts that were created in Marseille. 
  • However, by the middle of the 20th century, pique had become an essential material in men's fashion.
Cotton Pique Fabric

What Makes it Stand Out


It has a subtle texture with soft & smooth touch. 


The fabric is breathable and durable. 


It wicks away the moisture from the body.

Applications & Usage

  • Pique is a versatile fabric that can be used for many things, like traditional cotton shirts and sportswear.
  • This material is often used to make polo shirts, which can be worn for fashion or golf, as well as for events that call for white ties. 

Care Instructions

  • Washing machine in cold water, with similar colors only.
  • Dry on the lowest possible setting and iron, if necessary.
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