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What is Mackintosh?

  • The Mackintosh, sometimes known as a raincoat or mac for short, is a kind of watertight raincoat that was first offered commercially in 1824 and is designed out of rubberized cloth.
  • Despite the fact that several authors have appended a letter k, the Mackintosh is named after its Scottish creator Charles Macintosh. The alternative spelling of "Mackintosh" has become the accepted one.
  • A pure Mackintosh coat is manufactured from a material that has been rubberized or rubber laminated, despite the fact that the Mackintosh coat design has been widely imitated.


  • The method that Syme used to create the solvent from coal tar was published in Thomson's Annals of Philosophy in 1818. This paper also describes the dissolution of natural rubber in naphtha. 
  • It has been claimed that the material was invented by the surgeon James Syme, but that it was later copied and patented by Charles Macintosh.
  • However, Schurer provided a comprehensive history of the development of the Mackintosh, which may be seen here. The core of Macintosh's method consisted of the sandwiching together of two layers of fabric with an impermeable layer of rubber in naphtha solution in between the two layers of fabric
  • The Bonnington Chemical Works was one of the primary suppliers of the coal tar that was used in the distillation process to produce the naphtha.
  • The first coats had issues with odor, rigidity, and a propensity to melt in hot weather; nevertheless, Hancock gradually improved his waterproof materials, and in 1843 he patented a process for vulcanizing rubber that cured many of the difficulties with the early coats. 
  • The firm continued to produce watertight clothes far into the 20th century, starting in the 19th century. 
  • In 1925, Dunlop Rubber Company purchased the business and became the new owner.
Mackintosh Fabric

What Makes it Stand Out?


The fabric is medium weight with a smooth texture.


It is not suitable for drapes


It is moisture and dirt resistant along with having dimensional stability. 

Applications & Uses


Shirt, raincoats, etc.

Home Furnishing 

Curtains, mattresses, etc. 

Care Instructions

  • Hanging it in a room with plenty of fresh air is the best way to dry it, as well as store it while it's not in use. 
  • Stay away from areas with high heat, such as fires, radiators, hot water pipes, and bright sunlight.
  • It is recommended to not dry clean the fabric.
  • Do not wash it in a washing machine.
  • Soap and water are the best methods for removing little stains; rubbing alcohol or any other chemical cleaners should never be used. 
  • Always use a gentle brush while applying soap.

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