Repp Fabric

Repp Fabric

What is Repp Fabric 

  • Repp fabric is interlaced with tiny cords or ribs all the way across the fabric's breadth.
  • It is usually made of cotton, silk and wool fabric,
  • In this material, because the warp threads are put so closely together, the weaving is dominated by the warp and the weft is hardly perceptible.
Repp Fabric

History of Repp Fabric 

  • The history of repp fabric is hard to detect yet as per the finds fragments of this fabric has been found in South America, the Middle East, and North Africa. 
  • This fabric’s origin is unknown but it was highly used in 19th century for upholstery purpose,
  • The name of this material derived from the french word reps, which meant a thing of which origin is unknown.
Repp Fabric

What Makes it Stand Out

Tightly woven 

The ribs are made with thick, sturdy warp yarns and thin, flexible filler yarns.


It is produced or woven using plain weave and dominantly weft wise.


This is a heavy weight material.

Application And Usage 


Dresses,  ecclesiastical vestments, blouses and suits etc. 

Home furnishing 

Furniture, upholstery and curtains etc.


Necktie, rugs and placemats.

Care Instruction 

  • You can put it in cold water to get clean, stain free,
  • Dry cleaning does not require very frequently,
  • Remember to use delicate washing powder to clean the stains,
  • Hang the fabric to dry it.
Repp Fabric

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